Event Walkthrough – Liar Uncover the Truth – From Blah to Bombshell

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Event Ends: 4/18 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 6 character routes by 4/11 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Keima Story – It’s all for you
Top ??? Rank Bonus: ???

This event takes TICKETS to play. You can use your 5 free a day as well as any extras you have. This event is running in tandem with the Data Hunt, so tickets you use in the event count towards the Data Hunt.

Until all answers are confirmed, please use at your own risk! All Cool Point amounts are based on the Japanese game and may be different for ours.


Takes 9 Tickets to read.

Stage 1

Takes 9 Tickets to read.

Q. What will you do when the waiter brings the wrong order?
B. Say this works too, then reorder.

Cool Points Mission – 100

Q. How do you reply to Haruichi?
A. Say you have things yet to do

Q. What will you order?
C. Lemony chicken sautee

Stage 2

Takes 14 Tickets to read.

Find Friend

Note: Press the house in the upper right hand corner to get back to the main screen

Go to Azusa’s profile > Click the comments on his first post> Take a Photo
Scroll until you see Joe’s Post> Take a Photo

Scroll until you see


Post> Take a Photo

Scroll until you see


Post> Take a Photo

Cool Points Mission – 200

Q. How do you answer Azusa’s question?
B. Murmur that it was scary

Scroll until you see Joe’s 2nd Post>

Take a Photo

Q. What will you pair with Joe’s dress?
A. White sneakers

Scroll until you see

Kunio’s Post>

Go to his profile > Scroll down to the post about the bar> Click his friends> Click Marron’s profile> click the comments about her photo shoot> Take a Photo

Q. How do you approach Kunio?
A. Hug his arm

Q. How do you respond to Kunio’s invitation?
C. “No reservation? Not interested.”

Click on the comments of Kazumi’s first post> Click on Keiko’s photo> Scroll to the bottom of her Timeline> Take a photo

Cool Points Mission – 250

Q. What did Kazumi want to eat?
C. An omelet

Stage 3

Takes 23 Tickets to read


Scroll until you see Itaru’s Post> Take a Photo

Scroll until you see Keima’s Post>Click on the Photo>Save  

Go to


profile > Scroll to the second photo>Click > Save  

Cool Points Mission – 350

Q. Which food does Keima want?
C. Marinated salmon

Q. What hobby is Itaru hiding?
B. Octokitty

Q. Where do you suggest your date be?
A. Yoyogi Park

Cool Points Mission – 400

Q. What will you bring Sotaro?
C. Water

Stage 4

Takes 15 Tickets to read

Scroll until you see Joe’s Post> Take a Photo

Scroll until you see

Haruichi’s post> Click the comments>

Click Chie’s name>Scroll to the photo on her Timeline> Take a Photo 

Scroll until you see


Post> Take a Photo

Scroll until you see Itaru’s Post>

Click the comments> Click Aki’s name> Click on the comments of her first post> Take a Photo
Still on Aki’s profile scroll to the bottom of her Timeline> Take a Photo
Click the Home icon in the top right corner> Scroll until you see



Take a Photo 

Cool Points Mission – 450

Who is the liar???

Click Itaru!


Koike’s FindFriend Screen 2

Q. Prove Itaru was taking Aki to the Octokitty exhibition…
A. Aki’s post on March 10th

Q. What is the relationship between this and Koike Aki?
C. Girlfriend

Lover’s Routes – Check Amounts?

Note: Lover’s routes are very short this event compared to others. They are aso together in sets. Each lover’s route takes 5 tickets for the set. Sets are: Joe and Keima, Shuto and Kunio, Sotaro and Azusa, Itaru and Kazumi, and Toya and Haruichi. Itaru and Kazumi and Toya and Haruichi are being released at a later date.

  • First Route: 550
  • Second Route: 600
  • Third Route: 700
  • Fourth Route: 700
  • Fifth Route: 800
  • Six Route: 800
  • Seventh Route: 850?
  • Eighth Route: 900?
  • Ninth Route: 950?
  • Tenth Route: 1000?

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here.

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers

Everyone only has one question this event.


I’m going to a museum this weekend. Wanna come with?
C. Yeah! Let’s look around together! 


When I’m looking at a woman’s hands, one thing catches my attention:

A. Veins


What type of girl am I into? That much should be obvious.


Curvy Bombshells


A girl can steal my heart by doing this on a group date:
A. Asking what food I don’t like.


What hobby am I really into lately?

A) Road biking


When things are rough at home, I love a girl who can do this for me:

C. Run over when I need her.


If I were to order something from a sushi restaurant, it would be this.

C. Eel


What type of girl am I into? I think I answered that in an interview…
D. Family-oriented


Animals are so cute. I have a pet, actually… Whoa, you knew that?
C. Dog


Do you know what kind of models I like?

A. Ones with character

Contributor(s): Jackie He, MoonGoddess, Erika Furudo

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