Event Walkthrough – Liar Uncover the Truth – Spring Break Madness

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Event Ends: 5/12 12:00JST
Early Clear Requirements: Clear 3 character routes by 5/1 23:59JST
Early Clear Bonus: Kazumi & Sotaro Story – Hitchhikers for Love
Top 500 Rank Bonus: Private Island with Haruichi
(Rank is given out AFTER the event is over and is based on your rank once the event is over.)

Until all answers are confirmed, please use at your own risk! Walkthrough is putting together using screenshots of the played event in Japanese as well as checking multiple sites to confirm. Evidence and question wording might not match what the official translation will be. All Cool Point amounts are also based on the Japanese game and may be different for ours.

Stage One

Cool Points Mission – 100

Q. Where did the Toya drop the butter?
B. Near Odori Park

Q. What is the shortest route to get  Toya

to the contest?
C. Subway to Nishi 10 Chome, streetcar

Room Investigation 

Click the paper in front of the TV
Click the window
Swipe to the beds>Click the paper on the bed

Cool Points Mission – 200

Q. How will you get Sotaro out of the room?
B. Show the hotel area map

Q. Change of plans! Where do you want to go?
ACrusing on the Blue Lagoon

Stage Two

Cool Points Mission – 400

Room Investigation

Click the wet floor
Click the notebook on the floor
Click the window area
Swipe to the other side>Click the paper on the table

Cool Points Mission – 600


Left opened shoji

Q. What time did the crime happen?

C. 17:00~17:30

Q. How’d the thief come in?
B. The floor below


Inn Layout

Q. Who perpetrated this?
B. The young man

Stage Three

Cool Points Mission – 900


Scroll to Haruichi’s post>Click the comments>Click Teruo Hatanaka>Scroll down a bit>Take a Photo
Press home in the top right corner>Scroll to Kazumi’s post>Click his photo>Click Friends>Click Shoichi’s profile>Click his profile>Take a photo

Cool Points Mission – 1200

Who is the Liar?

Pick Haruichi

Evidence (in order)

Hatanaka’s FindFriend screen
Shop card 

Q. What’s the deal with the shop card?
B. Shop name

Q. What did Haruichi do last night?
C. Crept into Kazumi’s room

Q. WHow’d Haruichi creep into Kazumi’s room?
B. Stole Kazumi’s key card

Q. Where’s the evidence that Haruichi was in Kazumi’s room?
B. Haruichi’s closet


Messy stationery

Lover’s Routes – Check Amounts

These will probably be waaaay lower for us.
Note: There are two checks per route. Check amount shows in how much you need to clear both checks.

  • First Route: 2600 (confirmed)
  • Second Route: 3600 (confirmed)
  • Third Route: 4600
  • Fourth Route: 5600
  • Fifth Route: 6600

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here.

Character Specific Appeal Time Answers


I like to start Hawaiian mornings with
B. Fresh-brewed kona coffee

I want to get ahead of my rival in love, so this is what I’m going to do.
C. Persuade her to come away with me.

If I were to order something from a sushi restaurant, it would be this.
C. Eel


I’m a regular at the VIP room here. What’ll I have them bring us?
D. Champagne and chocolates

Some question, I don’t even know.
A Taking pictures matching the landscape

Do you know what kind of models I like?
A. Ones with character


Traveling to Tohoku? I would like to do something special
C Listen to local folktales

I’d like to see you in this hawaiian in Hawaii.
C Off shoulder one piece

When things are rough at home, I love a girl who can do this for me:
C. Run over when I need her.


If we’re going to Hawaii,there’s a dessert we simply have to try:
B: Strawberry pancake

What’s the best way to get the low down on your travel destination?
A: Read a guidebook

When I’m looking at a woman’s hands, one thing catches my attention:
A. Veins 


You know what would be the greatest animal to see in the water of Hawaii?!
A: Sea Turtle

For a sweets competition I made something while thinking of you … What is it?
D Peach and berry tart

Animals are so cute. I have a pet, actually… Whoa, you knew that?
C. Dog

These are here for some reason even though they aren’t in the event


I’m going to a museum this weekend. Wanna come with?
C. Yeah! Let’s look around together!


What hobby am I really into lately?
A. Road biking


What type of girl am I into? That much should be obvious.
B. Curvy Bombshells


What type of girl am I into? I think I answered that in an interview…
D. Family-oriented

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