Event Walkthrough – Midnight Cinderella – Cinderella Challenge Quiz Answers

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Event Period: April 20th ~ May 1st

Ink Droplets. Collect 10 of these in order to answer a question!

Chibis. Depending on how many correct answers you have, you will be awarded Academic Chibi Suitors.

QUIZ ANSWERS ARE UNDER CUT. I didn’t have the time to translate all of the questions and the answers, but they are probably going to be worded differently anyway. THIS IS NOT GUARANTEED TO BE 100% ACCURATE!! I am looking up more sites to check answers, but so far, two sites have the same selections and, since the answers won’t be posted until after it’s done, there is no true guarantee these are right until I find someone post something with the “right” answers, which I might not find.

If you have not read all the routes in MidC, some of these answers do contain story spoilers.

Question 1 – What does Nico always say he’s better at than making tea?

Question 2 – Before you became a princess what did you do in town?
Home Tutor

Question 3 – What is Sid’s job?
Information Dealer

Question 4 – How did Robert first meet you down in town?
He taught you painting.

Question 5 – What color was the flower in the story Louis believed in?

Question 6 – What country was Robert once king of?

Question 7 – What was your very first impression of Sid?
That he was a kind person

Question 8 – What did Leo say in his route that Sebastian would repeat? “I will never…”
“Forgive them”

Question 9 –

What did Byron protect you from the night in the forest when you met?



Question 10 –

How did Alyn and Arthur meet?


Arthur ran into the castle courtyard

Question 11 –

When Lucia takes a liking to the princess, what does Louis say he’ll need to get in order to have the princess to himself?

A Birdcage

Question 12 –

Which palace bureaucrat does Giles ask to be the princess’s tutor?

Question 13 –

What is the name of the country that conquered Roberts former country, Bergenia?


Question 14 –

What job did Alyn and Leo’s parents both have?


Question 15 –

After Robert’s country collapsed, what country did he flee to?


Question 16 –

In Nico’s route, where does Nico bring the princess to keep her safe?

Stein castle

Question 17 – Who regularly commissions paintings from Robert?

Question 18 –  In Leo’s Route, what does Leo bring you that you lost?
A necklace

Question 19 – In Giles’s route, what is the princess’s secret place that Michelangelo showed her?
A rose garden within the palace gardens

Question 20 – In Sid’s route, he is revealed to have a fiancée. What is her father’s name?
Archduke Sannes

Question 21 – In Giles’s route, who does he appoint to be the princess replacement tutor?

Question 22 – What does Nico say he’d like to get all wrapped up in a bow on his birthday?
The woman he loves

Question 23 – How long does the wedding night last in Stein, as told to you by Byron in his route?
Three days

Question 24 – What is the name of the region in Giles’s route that recovers thanks to Giles’s aid in negotiations with Duke Bronn?

Question 25 – In Byron’s route, someone spreads false rumors about Stein in Wysteria. Who is responsible?
Byron’s father

Question 26 – In Leo’s route, where does Alyn and Leo’s uncle Lord Aubin attempt to flee when pursued?

Question 27 – Upon Louis and the princess’s first dance lesson, what kind of tea does Giles bring them?
Lavender Lady Grey

Question 28 –

In Sid’s route, who betrays him at his trial with a false testimony?


Question 29 –

Why does Robert have a scar on his chest?
He was protecting his citizens from enemy knights

Question 30 –

In Alyn’s route, what country declares war on Wysteria when the princess rejects its marriage proposal?


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