Event Walkthrough – My Sweet Proposal – Happy Sweet Birthday + Exchange

by Vehura
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Event Period: February 17th 9:00JST – March 8th 9:00JST

Endings. 1 per character (7 total)

Event Breakdown –

  • Event uses Scenario Tickets to play.
  • Each route takes 20 scenarios to clear.
  • To get to each route, after the prologue, you must win a character’s item in the event gacha.
  • Gacha costs 200 to spin and you can use the daily free spin.
  • If you want to play all characters, you will have to use scenario tickets. Free tickets will only get you four of the seven character’s routes.

Prologue End – Scenario 5
Choose route based on won gacha items

Love Trials.

  • Scenario 15?: 1500
  • Scenarion 20: ???


  • You need to collect Confetti and Candles to do the exchange.
    • Confetti is collected by: doing Love Lessons and logging in daily,
    • Candles is collected by: reading the event story 5 times
  • Locate the banner that says “Exchange Here.”
  • You need 2 Confetti and 1 Candle to do an exchange.
  • Prizes include: healing medicine, latte up, private room gacha points, avatar items, character secret memos and more.

Thank you~ and good luck!

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