Event Walkthrough – Rental Boyfriends – Naughty or Not? 4 – Junpei & Kotaro

by Vehura
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Kotaro and Junpei have decided to renew themselves and go on with a bran new personality?! Discover how things will turn out on your date with him!

Event Period: December 7th ~ December 13th


  • Naughty Ending – Requires an Affection Check
    Items: Small Scenario Ticket, Private Room Gacha x1
  • Tender Ending (Default)
    Items: ???

Event Breakdown –

  • Event is 17 Scenarios: 14 Main and 3 Ending
  • Once you have finished, do NOT reset the route if you want to buy the Epilogue. Go to the My Page and you will find it there available for purchase. 300 Platinum
  • Gacha costs 400 to spin and cannot use the daily free spin. You can win the same item more than once. Spin it to make up affection!
  • Regardless if you get the +5 answers, you will probably still have to spin the gacha to make up points.
  • You will be short because I don’t know the +5s without people helping. If you want to help, make ONE choice different from what I chose and see if you score is better than whatever I listed to read the Naughty End. Do not spin the gacha yet. Since you have to use your points to make up affection, you can hold off. Comment with which one you chose so I can mark it off.

Common Route

Scenario 2
[1] “This sounds like heavy burden for me.” (+5 Junpei)
[2] “If it’s of any help.” (+5 Kotaro)

Scenario 3 – Route Select
Junpei Route (Need +5 to Junpei)
Kotaro Route (Need +5 to Kotaro)

Junpei Route

Scenario 3 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Green Eyes☆Angel Pink Makeup (Charm +100) – 300 Platinum
Normal: Ivy♪Baby Pink Sandals (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 4
[1] “I’ll leave it up to you.” (Need 13 for Naughty Route)
[2] “Whatever you want to eat will be fine.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)

Scenario 5 – Love Trial (Need 500 Thrill to continue)

Scenario 6
[1] “You really gave all this a lot of thought.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “I’m learning a lot from you.”

Scenario 9
[1] “You’re imagining things.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “Did they just turn up the heater or what?” (Need 13 for Naughty Route)

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Baby Pink♪Angel Fishtail Dress (Charm +150) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Ivy♪RoseXPink Diamond Tiara (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 11
[1] “Don’t do that.”
[2] “There are people watching.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)

After Episode 14, select you ending based on affection.

Ending 1 – Love Trial (Need 3000 Thrill to continue)

Kotaro Route

Scenario 5
[1] “Ones that make you cry.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “A coffee table book.” (Need 17 for Naughty Route)

Scenario 5 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Baby Pink♪Angel Long Curly Hair (Charm +100) – 300 Platinum
Normal: White♪Pearl & Lily Scepter (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 7
[1] “That’s not fair!” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “I won’t laugh!”(Need 17 for Naughty Route)

Scenario 7 – Love Trial (Need 500 Thrill to continue)

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
Premium: Colorful Fairy Wings (Charm +150) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Ivy♪RosexPink Diamond Necklace (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 11
[1] “You’re sticking to close to me.” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “Yes, please.” (Need 17 for Naughty Route)

Scenario 13
[1] “But this is work remember?” (Need 9 for Naughty Route)
[2] “Seriously?” (Need 17 for Naughty Route)

After Episode 14, select you ending based on affection.

Ending 1 – Love Trial (Need 3000 Thrill to continue)

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