Event Walkthrough – Rental Boyfriends – Naughty or Not? 3 – Haruka Doujima

Event Period: November 24th ~ November 30th


  • Naughty Ending – Requires an Affection Check
    Items: Small Scenario Ticket, Private Room Gacha (500) x1
  • Tender Ending (Default)
    Items: All Scenario Ticket x2, Private Room Gacha (500) x1

Event Breakdown –

  • Event is 17? Scenarios: 14? Main and 3? Ending
  • Once you have finished, do NOT reset the route if you want to buy the Epilogue. Go to the My Page and you will find it there available for purchase. 300 Platinum
  • Gacha costs 400 to spin and cannot use the daily free spin. You can win the same item more than once. Spin it to make up affection! You HAVE to make up 10 affection points for the Naughty End!

Cut contains basic route information including premium routes, elegance trial amounts, and love trial avatars and how much they cost.

Scenario 2
[1] Thanks
[2] You want to go on the date that bad? (Need 10 points for the Naughty End)

Scenario 4 – Avatar Trial
 Shiny Blue Eyes Angel Face (Charm +100) – 300 Platinum
Normal: White X Black Lace up Short Work Boots (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 6
[1] I’d love to
[2] I’ve never been to one (Need 10 points for the Naughty End)

Scenario 8 – Love Trial (Need 500 Thrill to continue)

Scenario 9
[1] Yeah, a bit.
[2] In your dreams! (Need 10 points for the Naughty End)

Scenario 9 – Avatar Trial
 Black & White Classical Dress (Charm +150) – 400 Platinum
Normal: Cream Yellow Funky Short Hair (Charm +70) – 5000 Love Points

Scenario 11
[1] I feel the same way
[2] If you really want to… (Need 10 points for the Naughty End)

After Episode 14, select you ending based on affection. Naughty End requires 30 points and just getting all the right answers will not get you the Naughty End.

Both Ends 2 – Love Trial (Need 3500 Thrill to continue)

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