Arabian Nights Love Story by OKKO

You’re working as a nurse in a hospital. One day, you come to say good bye to one of your patient, Fujishima, who’s about to leave the hospital.  To thank you for all your good work, he offers you a lamp.

Back to home, you rub the lamp to burn it incense, but you’re sucked in it by force !

When you open your eyes… A man you don’t even know is facing you. The genie of the lamp tells you that you have to fulfill the real wish each character made if you want to go back to your world !?

What does it mean ?

While you’re doing your best to find out how to fullfil theirs wishes, a new love story begins ?

Status: Complete

Available in Honey Magazine

  • Android – Google Play
  • iOS – App Store (Coming Soon)

Original Routes Release

  • Assad
  • Ali Baba
  • Sinbad

Information About Honey Magazine

  • You get two free scenario tickets a day to read the story. Once you read these tickets, a timer counts down and then your tickets are refreshed exactly 24 hours later. i.e. You read the story at 11:55am, the tickets will refresh at 11:55am the following day.
  • There are no affection points in the currently released stories. This allows you, the player, to play the story and shape the MC exactly how you want her to be. They may however add them in the future.
  • To unlock special routes and scenarios, you must exchange them for Honey Stones. You get one at the end of every chapter and they are looking into ways to get players free HS.

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