Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – Card Guide

This is general overall guide to the card system as far as ranking cards, how to get cards, ect. At the moment, it does not include actual card information, but that may change in the future.

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Cards are important part to playing the game. You will need to be on top of leveling up through Level Up and Spirit Board (more on both of these later), and Awakening you cards in order to continue playing the game.

Cards are gained from Draw on the Home Page and from Events.

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Comrades can be summoned using Draw (Gacha). There are two types: Diamond and Point.

Diamond Draws

As the name suggest, Diamond Draws use Diamonds to Draw Cards. This Draw contain R, SR, and SSRs. If you obtain an SR or SSR ticket, they can only be used in the Diamond Draw. If you have Diamonds that you purchased with real world money, you may do a single Paid Draw a day for only 8 Diamonds. Otherwise, a single Draw is 25 diamonds and a 10 Draw is 250 Diamonds. If you choose a 10 Draw, you are guaranteed at least one SR.

Point Draw

Point Draw used Points to Draw and contains ONLY N and R cards. One Draw costs 500 Points and a 10 Draw costs 5000 points. Please note that points can also be used to level up Cards, so I would hold off on using all your Points in this Draw.

Event Draws

Like most card-based games, there will also be Event and Birthday Draws that will use your Diamonds. Cards in the Diamond Draw will not change, but the cards in these specials Draws will be limited. So, if you want to make sure you have a chance to get a limited card, hold onto your Diamonds.

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Deck Management

This is used to organize your decks for whatever purpose you may need them for.


These are the decks that you can use when you are on Patrol. For the best results, place your highest level cards in your decks. If you are unsure what order to put them in, there is always an Optimize button that will arrange for you even on the Patrol screen.

You can have up to four decks to use. Cards level up while they are on Patrol, so using multiple decks to upgrade cards instead of using your points may be a benefit.

Battle Deck (HQ Orders/Duel Deck)

These are the decks that you will use when you do HQ Orders or Duel.

Your main team should be your strongest set of cards, followed by Sub 1, and Sub 2. If you come up against a Wraith with high power that your Main Deck cannot handle, you may need to call upon your Sub Deck(s), to get your Power higher.

Also, you must have a leader with the correct affinity shown or they cannot be used in this deck.


Support Cards are the leader cards in your HQ Orders/Duels deck. They are also cards that other players can use in their game when needing support. If one of your game friends uses your card in battle, you will earn points.

Place your favorite as a leader will make that card viewable in your Player Info by other players.

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Level Up

In this area, you can use your points to level up your cards if you wish. The higher you want the level to be, the more points it will take to level up.

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Spirit Board

At the Spirit Board, you can use items found during Patrols and in the Milk Hall to raise your card’s stats, unlock stories, and unlock backgrounds and outfits to use on the Home Page.

You can only unlock nodes that are not greyed out and some nodes use things other than gems to unlock.

Also note that, in order to unlock some items, you will have to upgrade your cards to a certain level.
SSR – Level 40
SR – Level 30
R – Level 20
N – Level 10

If you have a completed Spirit Board, more nodes will open up with every level of a card that you Awaken, maxing out at 4 nodes.

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In order to Awaken a card, you must have at least two copies. You can Awaken a card up to four times.

After each Awakening, that card’s max level will increase, more nodes on the Spirit Board will unlock, and the picture of the card will change.

If a card has already been Awakened 4 times, it is maxed out and can no longer be Awakened. You also cannot Awaken a card that you have locked.

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When you discard a card, you will earn Diamond Shards that you can then use in the Shop (under Menu on the Home Page) to exchange for Cards, Gems, or Draw Tickets.

The amount of Diamonds Shards you will get from a card that you discard depends on the card’s rarity and the number of times it has been Awakened. You also cannot Discard a card if you have it in a Deck.

Base Cards
N Cards – 1 shard
R Cards – 10 Shards
SR Cards – 200 Shards
SRR Cards – 1500 Shards

Awaken Level 1
N Cards – 2 shard
R Cards – ? Shards
SR Cards – ? Shards
SRR Cards – ? Shards

Awaken Level 2
N Cards – 3? shard
R Cards – ? Shards
SR Cards – ? Shards
SRR Cards – ? Shards

Awaken Level 3
N Cards – 4? shard
R Cards – ? Shards
SR Cards – ? Shards
SRR Cards – ? Shards

Awaken Level 4 (Maxed)
N Cards – 5? shard
R Cards – ? Shards
SR Cards – ? Shards
SRR Cards – ? Shards

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That is all for now! If there is something you wish for me to talk about regarding cards that I have missed, please comment below!

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