Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – General Mechanics

Ayakashi: Romance Reborn is a card-based otome game where your goal is to gather a faction of ayakashi (supernatural monsters) and train them to become a powerful player. To do this, you collect cards through Draws, going on Patrols to level up those cards, using points and gems to power up those cards, and battling Wraiths. This guide will go over the general mechanics of the game.

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There are four areas under story, they are all different types of story that are in the game. They are: Main Story, Romance Sonnets, Cards & Patrol, and Events.

Main Story

Like most otome games, there is a story with Ayakashi: Romance Reborn. However, it works a little differently.

In order to read the main story, you need Main Story Keys. These are acquired by going on Patrol and Level Up. Every time you Level, you will be given one key. The Main Story has several chapters and you can read multiple Main Stories at once. At the time of this guide’s writing, only Dawn Chapter is available.

Book I – Bonds

Learn more about your Comrades by connecting and depending your bond with them.

Book II – Lovers

A continueation of Book I. Each character has their own Book II. This is a lovers route where you strengthen your connection.

In order to read a character’s Book II, you must finish all the chapters in Book I and raise your character’s bond to Level 12.

Romance Sonnets

These are romantic story moments with the characters. They require one Romance Sonnet Key to unlock. Romance Sonnet Keys can be earned in the Milk Hall.

Cards & Patrols

As the name suggests, these are stories attached to cards or chats you get when you go on patrols.

Card Stories come from SSR and SR cards. To read a Card Story, you must unlock the node on the card’s Spirit Board. The unlocked story will then be stored here for you to read whenever you want.

Patrol Chats occur when you select “Partner” during patrols. There is a pinwheel meter that fills up each time you do this action and at 10%, 50% and 100%, the game will stop for you to have a chat what that partner. Once you have had the chat, it will be stored here for you to read whenever you want.


When the game does start to have events, stories that you earn as prizes during events will be saved here.

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Friends are important to game play when it comes to HQ Orders/Duels. When you do HQ Orders/Duels, the game will ask you to pick someone to support you.

Friends who are picked to support will be award a Points Prize which is displayed on the bottom right of their banner on the Friend Select page. If you take someone who isn’t a friend, after the HQ Orders/Duels, you can request they become your friend.

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Diamonds and Points

Diamonds and Points are the currency used by the game and are used in many different ways.


This is the game’s premium currency. It can be purchased with real money and sometimes you can win some as you play the game by completing challenges, in events, and just login into the game.

Diamonds can be used in the following ways: Pull the Diamond Draw, recover LP/SP, and increasing card inventory. They will come very handy in events when one is wanting to rank for bonuses.

Usually, when starting a new game, it is not recommended to use all of free premium currency unless you are planning to spend money in the game.


Points are the game’s free currency. It can be used to Pull the Points Draw and level up your cards. You get it while going on Patrol, a Friend selecting you as a Support in HQ Orders/Duels, and logging into the game.

For more information about Draws and Leveling Cards, please check out the Card Guide.

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Player Leveling

Player leveling in Ayakashi: Romance Reborn is done by going on patrols and raising your exp. When you get a certain amount of points on patrol you will rank up.

Upon ranking up several things will happen:

  • You earn a Main Story Keep to progress the Main Story.
  • You fully recover your LP and SP. If you have any LP and/or SP when this happens, your meter will go to full PLUS what was left over.
  • Your max LP will increase. Note that it maxes out at 200.
  • Your number of friends will increase. Note that it maxes at 99.
  • HQ Orders will power up.

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That is all for now! If there is something you wish for me to talk about regarding general mechanic that I have missed, please comment below!

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