Ayakashi: Romance Reborn – Ginnojo

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Ginnojo Character Info

“The battlefield is no place for someone as young as you.”

Voice Actor: Yuichiro Umehara
Age: 54
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 150lbs
Birthday: 7/31
Job: Book Lender
Ayakashi Type: Mizuchi Dragon
Likes: Mizuchi Dragon
Dislikes: Hunger/the Cold

The Aloof Former Soldier

An aloof man who works at Kusanagi Books, a small book lenders next to Milk Hall Raccord. Having spent most of his days surrounded by men, he is unused to the ways of women and is often confounded by them. Ginnojo’s commitment to his comrades and his sense of justice are beyond reproach. His appetite is said to be legendary…

Ginnojo Card List

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Card Name Thumbnail Image Rarity
“Beside You”SSR
“When We Met”SR
“Where to Today?”SR
Battle FormR

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