Destined to Love by CYBIRD

In Japan, the dawn of a new era was approaching.

You find yourself suddenly snatched from your peaceful life in modern days to a different time, and a landscape unlike you’ve ever seen. Caught in the center of revolution, which side will you choose? Even if for a mere moment, whose arms will you find sanctuary in? Your romance awaits you in the past. Do you believe in destiny?

Status: Hiatus

Genre: Historical Fantasy



Informational Pages


Max out your friends list as soon as possible. You get 1000 Gold every day from greeting your friends. You are going to need it. Greeting is also super easy as there is a greet, under menu>friends, there is a button that says greet all friends. Press it, press ‘Greet’ on the right, and you are done!


Q. What is the difference between the two ends?
A. Both ends are Good Ends. My Affection is, usually, more romantic than the His Affection.

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