Shall We Date: Destiny Ninja 2 by NTT Solmare

Your story starts from where you leave your home to carry out a certain duty. In this dating game, you’re a ninja, a princess and also a descendant of the heroine in the previous game Destiny Ninja. One day you’re told that a legend says the world will come to destruction if you don’t travel around and purify all the four villages. Who will you kiss as your partner out of eight reliable ninjas and samurais to fight your way through love, an overwhelming truth and destruction of the world? The adventure of a princess and a hunk is about to start.

Status: Complete?

Genre: Fantasy




  • Daily Free Spin Fortune Slip. Don’t forget to spin it! Free Avatars, Ninja Skill Points, Power Recovery Items, and Zeni.
  • Max out your friends. Greeting is a pain, but if you want the free Zeni, max out your friends ASAP.
  • Do Skill Bout every 4 hours. You are gonna need Ninja Points to pass checks. Set an alarm to remind you to play the skill bout every four hours.

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