Hozuki Awakening by Ciagram CO.

You open your eyes after a hellish and terrifying nightmare, only to discover a crack in the dimension. From that crack appears Ku’on, the little boy who used to play with you when you were a child. Saying that he needs your help, Ku’on drags you into the crack.

But the two of you get separated and soon you learn that you’ve arrived in a world where Oni exist.

Who will you encounter in that world…!?

Genre: Fantasy


  • Android – Google Play
  • iOS – App Store (Coming Soon)


There are no walkthroughs/guides for this game because choices don’t matter in Ciagram’s games. You will have to play a character’s story multiple times in order to read all of the ends from worst end to best end.


  • Multi Language Support. Play the game in English, French, or German.
  • Just selections. There is not a social aspect to this game. So no mates, no avatar checks, no points checks to pass.
  • Watch a video for free Jewels. Press the present on the left side. You will have to watch a total of six ads to get two free jewels.

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