Ikemen Vampire – Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What is the difference between the two ends?
A. Following other Ikemen Series games, the name tells you all you need to know. One ending is Dramatic and one is Romantic. Both ends are Good, it’s just getting to that ending that the title describes.

Q. How do I get CGs?
A. CGs are given out as you play the story. There are three CGs in the main story and one CG in each ending for a total of 5 CGs a story. You are not required to purchase anything in order to get the CGs in the Main Story.

Q. What is Gold? How do I get Gold? What is Gold used for?
A. Gold is the in-game money that you get from doing lessons, login bonuses, events, ect. If you are wanting to play 100% for free, you will need to have Gold to pass normal avatar love challenges in the stories.

Q. How will I know what card I’m about to get in the gacha?
A. There are three tells for the kind of card you will get. Three Star – Wine glass against a black background. Four Star – Wine Glass in front of roses. Five Star – Wide Wine glass with a butterfly on the rim in front of roses.

Q. How do I get Diamond?
A. Diamond is the game’s premium currency and can be purchased using real money. The game also will give some out during login, events, and, occasionally, by winning secret dates. However, be picky with what you spend the Diamonds on because the game gives them out sparingly.

Q. What are “Key to His Heart”? How do I get more?
A. Key To His Heart are POV stories that require keys of the same name to unlock. You buy them from the shop for 100 Magic Crystal each.

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