Liar! Uncover the Truth by Voltage Inc.

Lies, truths, and misunderstandings…

Which of these men can you trust?


“Have you been cheating on me?!”
A breakup with your cheating boyfriend leads you…

…straight into the arms of ten gorgeous men?!
But beware! Nine of these ten guys are no-good liars!

Just you watch. I’ll find Mr. Right.
These liars don’t stand a chance!

Status: On-going

Genre: Slice-of-Life “Crime”



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Liar Men

Liar Men Sequel

Liar Office Deception

Liar Scheming Socialites

Flirt Time


Lovers Routes Info
These stories unlock after you complete the 6th Liar. (Liar Office does not have Lover’s Routes)

  • Main story: 12 Episodes – 800 Coins Each
  • Epilogue: 3 episodes – 450 Coins Each

Bad news, if you liked any of the ones before the 6th, you are out of luck. They are either not available or there are no stories for them.

Lover’s Routes Walkthroughs Coming Soon!



  • Don’t be in a rush. Take your time to play each part. Rushing through a route when you don’t have enough Cool Points could mean you don’t unlock all endings.
  • Don’t immediately start the next liar. Wait to start the next Liar when you are at full tickets and during a time that is most convenient for you. I don’t start the next liar until in the evening and I am at full tickets. This way I not only get the most out of my tickets, but it puts early clear during a time that I can manage.
  • Take a day or two break in between liars to do Flirt Time to raise your Cool Points. In the beginning, the Flirt Time questions won’t be too bad, but they skyrocket as the game goes on. Good news is, you don’t have to be in a Liar story to go on Flirt Time. So, when you finish a Liar, maybe take a day or two off and focus on just Flirt Time
  • Do NOT burn through your extra tickets unless you have to. Set a calendar reminder once the game gives you a date to EC and then evaluate that day if you need to use tickets or not.
  • Buying the ends if you don’t S Rank are not worth it. While just buying the extra stories if you don’t S Rank in the beginning isn’t so bad, it get ridiculous in the later chapters. I’d recommend replaying the Liar again and buying chapter tickets over straight up buying the ends all day.

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