Midnight Cinderella by CYBIRD

You, a commoner, have now become princess of the entire country of Wysteria!

The first job as “princess” is to find the prince who will rule beside you. You soon find yourself surrounded with a cast of nine highly eligible bachelors…

However, you can only pick one!

Who will rule beside you at the throne?!

Status: On Going

Genre: Fantasy



Suggested Play Order: Start at the top of the selections in the game select screen and go left to right.


  • Normal Ending: Sweet
  • Good Ending: Honey + 13500 Grace
  • Secret Epilogue: Honey End + 20,000 Grace

Reading Walkthroughs

  • (Sweet) : Choose these if you want the Sweet End
  • (Honey) : Choose these if you want the Honey End
  • (Keep) : A neutral answer that does not cause the heart on the scale to move

Informational Pages


Q. What is the difference between the two ends?
A. Honey/Royal (in the Ever Afters) is a better ending whereas Sweet (despite the name)/Classic are usually Bittersweet. There is more drama in Sweet/Classic ending and sometimes the end might leave you feeling a little down.

Q. How do I read a character’s Ever After?
A. First, you must have read a suitor’s main story. If oyu have not, you will be unable to read his Ever After. When you go to Change Suitor and select a character to read his story, if he has an Ever After there will be a button in the bottom left that says “Ever After.” Tap it to switch to the AE and then tap “Choose Him.” If the character doesn’t have an Ever After, there will not be a button.

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