Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice by Elex

Who will be your soul mate?

Mr Love: Queen’s Choice is a romance simulation game that gives you the opportunity to text, chat and even call the main characters while developing your own career as a media producer.

Genre: *Joshimuke Supernatural Fantasy, Company Management



Love Interest Pages

These pages contain general character information as well Footage Missions to make sure you have the best Experts. I will also start documenting Karma for the characters at some point.

Informational Pages

If you want to request a specific page to go in more depth about a mechanic, please submit a Content Inquiry and put Mr. Love at the top of the message.


  • *Joshimuke is a term that means female-targeted. Mr. Love does not contain routes and does not have endings, thus is technically not an otome. You play the game in one long story arc that gets more chapters added to it, but there is no end game where the main character ends up with one of the males in the game even though the game may have romance elements.
  • Claim your free stamina twice daily. 12:00-14:00 and 18:00-20:00 You cannot claim it outside these times.

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