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These are where your Karma (Cards) are stored and where you will go to upgrade them.

Karma is important part to playing the game. You will need to be on top of upgrading, Star Up’ing, and Evolving you Karma in order to continue playing the game. More on that later.

Karma is gain from the Wish Tree.

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Karma Types

Karma come in five different types: SSR, SR, R, NH, and N.

SSR are the most powerful Karma and N are the weakest. N Karma will become important when you can begin to Evolve your Karma, so don’t fret too much if you seem to have a lot of them.

Love interest Karma are going to be SSR, SR, and R.

Karma also has an ability that almost all areas of the game require. These are represented by the following names and colors:

  • Decision – Blue
  • Creativity – Orange
  • Affinity – Pink
  • Execution – Green

The game will ask you in some places to pick Karma of a specific type and then show you somewhere what Karma it wants. If you are having problems passing Shooting Missions, concentrate on Star UP-ing the Karma the game tells you it needs to pass.

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Shards are Karma that you need to gain multiples of in order to combine them into a usable Karma.

After you have acquired a required number of Shards, you can combine them and make a usable Karma. Tapping on the Karma will tell you how to get more Shards of that Karma.

Please note that once you can combine Shards to make a Karma, it costs Gold to do so. Try not to go overboard using your Gold on the Gold Wish Tree.

  • R Shard Combine: 15000 Gold
  • SR Shard Combine: 30000 Gold
  • SSR Shard Combine: 45000 Gold

You get Karma shards from the Wish Tree, exchanging Box Office Medals at the Box Office Contest Store, exchanging Challenge Medals at the 24 Hour Challenge Store, and Footage.

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Tapping on the Karma you wish to upgrade will take you to the screen with different types of Wishes (EXP items) that you can use to Upgrade.

Wishes are acquired many different ways from Shooting Missions, Achievements, and more.

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When you do specific things to a Karma, you will be rewarded.

Obtaining, three Star Up, and Evolving your Karma will gain you special interactions with them on the Phone screen.

With every Star Up, you will be rewarded with Karma Promise which you use to unlock special stories with that Love Interest on the Date screen.

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Star Up

SSR, SR and R Karma have another level of upgrade called Star Up, that requires Gold and Items.

You get Items from Shooting Mission and each card requires different items and a specific number of items in order to Star Up.

By tapping on the Star Up tab, the screen will show you what attribute levels the Karma is currently at, what items are needed to Star Up, what level the Karma needs to be at to Star Up, and how much Gold it will take to Star Up.

Tapping on the items will open a pop-up showing where you can find that item. As long as you have unlocked that Shooting Mission, tapping on the button will take you directly to that Mission.

You may then do the Shooting Mission however many times you need to, and as long as you have stamina, in order to get the necessary item to Star Up. The game will let you know when you have gained enough. Tapping the pink back arrow will then take you back to the Karma where you can either Star Up, if you have enough items, or you can continue on to the next needed item, as long as you have enough stamina and the Shooting Mission is unlocked.

After you Star Up, the items you need to do the next level will change and more Gold will be required, as well as needing the Karma to be at a level level.

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Evolving a Karma unlocks after 5-1. It also unlocked another level of Shooting Missions called “Elite,” this has has a different set of items that are needed to Evolve your Karma.

Tapping on the Evolve tab, will show you a screen very close to the Star Up: attribute levels the Karma is currently at, what items are needed, what level the Karma needs to be at, and how much Gold it will take. There is also a new section for the Level Limit of the Karma. Evolving the Karma will allow you to level it up more.

Other than two items, Evolve also uses Memory Stardust. You get these items from the also unlocked “Karma Pass” on the Karma screen. If you have multiples of the Karma card, you can use them into Memory Stardust.

The better the Karma type, the more Memory Stardust you can get from it.

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