Nightmare Harem by Ciagram CO.

Nightmare Harem Title

Led by the red moon, you reach an alternate dimension called “Nightmare.”

Loved by angels and demons who carry secrets, will you be able to return to the real world? Or…

Genre: Fantasy



There are no walkthroughs/guides for this game because choices don’t matter in Ciagram’s games. You will have to play the game multiple times in order to read all of the ends.

The ends for Nightmare Harem are: Dark, Romantic, Secret. Please note that Dark Ends, which are Bad Ends, can be disturbing in nature, so please take caution when reading them.


  • Just selections. There is not a social aspect to this game. So no mates, no avatar checks, no points checks to pass.
  • Watch a video for free Jewels. Press the present on the left side. You will have to watch a total of six ads to get two free jewels.

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