Sengoku Love by DeareaD Inc.

In the sengoku era.

First mission of freshman ninja is…staying together with samurai!?

「This is mine.」

Masamune Date, Yukimura Sanada, and Ieyasu Tokugawa… I’m approached by these famous samurais!

The more I try to gather the information, the more I’m attracted to them.

What is the conclusion that you give as a woman as a ninja?

Status: 100% Free to Play (Once all the routes are out, it is completed)




  • Just selections. There is not a social aspect to this game. So no mates, no avatar checks, no points checks to pass.
  • Look for the ring case with a diamond. Every once in a while, a ring case will appear somewhere on screen with a diamond on it. Press it and make a post about the game to your Twitter, Facebook, or LINE account for a free diamond!
  • Watch a video for free diamond! Press the +sign at that top with the number 3. If the video won’t load, click out and try again. Once you watch a video, you must wait 20 minutes to watch another one. You can do this three times, hence the 3.
  • Look for the hearts! When you choose the correct answer, you will see some hearts come from the love interest.

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