Shall We Date: Mononoke Kiss by NTT Solmare

Once upon a time… Mononokes (humanoid monsters) were living discreetly in human society. And my life as a princess was full of peace… One day, some mononokes attacked my castle! One of them said to me, “You must be Yuri’s daughter.” And he attempted to take me away. “What the earth is going on!? Somebody, help me!!” Then all of a sudden, four young men appeared in front of me. “Who are you? What’re you doing here?” Now, I have to choose one of them to escape from the mononokes. Two of them, Enojo and Hajime are reaching out their hands to me. Which one should I choose? Or should I run away by myself―which brings me to meet Raizo.

Status: On-Going

Genre: Fantasy




  • Do training every three hours or as often as possible. You will win Zeni which will be needed to buy items needed for Items and Minigame Checkpoints and charm which will be needed to pass Charm Level Checkpoints.
  • Save your Zeni for in route checks! For the same reason above. Unless you have a ton of it, avoid the Zeni Slot!
  • Login daily. Even if you don’t have time to play, just make sure you open the app and go to ‘My Page’ in order to get your daily login bonus.
  • Max out your friends list and greet them daily. You get Zeni when you greet which will be needed to win/buy items.
  • In order to read the Sweet End, you will have to use a Love Potion to push you over the mark.There is no way to get it otherwise. If you do not have an arrow, you can buy one in the shop for 200M-Coins or spin the Zeni Slot, win 5 x2coupons, and exchange those out for one potion.

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