Sleepless Cinderella Party by Voltage Inc

You have just moved to Tokyo to start a new job as a gossip reporter. Your first assignment is to get a scoop at the new Casino’s opening gala, where you’ll meet Japan’s hottest celebrities!

An unexpected turn of events finds you waking up the next morning in a stranger’s hotel room. You are alone in bed, wearing nothing but your underwear… What happened last night?!

Thus begins you new life as a gossip reporter, interviewing celebrities and getting closer and closer with them.

Status: Discontinued




  • Login every day for bonuses. Even if you don’t have time to play, open the app and go to my page to collect your login bonus.
  • Every five hours, go on interviews. You get salary and trust factors which are needed to pass checks.
  • Greet your mates once a day. 
  • Do your daily missions. They usually come with prizes if you finish them. So don’t forget to do these for free stuff!
  • You will not be able to get the Secret Ending by just reading the route. You will need to play the gacha to win chemistry OR use your gems to make up the necessary chemistry in order to get that ending.

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