Heart Sigil Elchemia – Information and Mini Demo Review

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In the city of Lavin, something is turning the elementals, called ishim, into maddened monsters.

Heart Sigil Elchemia is a grand fantasy-romance visual novel, following a serious and determined protagonist fighting to solve the case of ishim madness. She can develop a unique relationship with each of 4 male love interests as they pursue the central mystery together. Multiple plots and resolutions are available!


In a world of alchemy, elementals called ishim live alongside humans as partners. But in the city of Lavin, something is turning ishim into maddened monsters.

Seeking a cure as the alchemist Risu, you find yourself with four odd allies: a childhood friend, a respected professor, an ice-cold soldier, and a spirited ishim. But the closer you and your chosen partner get to the truth and to each other, the closer your pasts loom, and some truths should never be faced alone…

With the help of others, will you finally be able to open your heart again?

Or will you turn away and let everything burn?

Love Interest


The demo contains:

  • Common route ch. 1 and 4 romance scenes (12k words, 1 hr playtime)
  • All 4 love interests
  • 10 CGs
  • Action, camaraderie, alchemy, and sarcastic talking wolves

The full game is expected to contain:

  • A full common route + 4 romance routes (~250-300k words, >20 hrs playtime)
  • 2-3 endings per route
  • 10+ CGs per love interest
  • Complex character growth for both love interests and the protagonist
  • You can pet the wolf


Mini Demo Review

I played this game on my twitch channel where we had a lot of fun. The story is well paced enough in the demo to keep me wanting to read more. There isn’t too much expositioning, and what there is, it is directed from the MC to the player, and not someone explaining it to someone else who lives in the world and knows how things work. All backgrounds and character art was very nice. I’m intersted in what the mystery is and look forward to plaing the full game once it is out.

The demo is free to play and can be found on shibalist’s itch.io if you wish you play it for yourself!

Game: Heart Sigil Elchemia
Release Date: Demo now, Full Game 2023
Genre: Fantasy
Developer: shibalist
System: Windows and macOS
Text Language:
itch.io Page: https://shibalist.itch.io/heart-sigil-elchemia
Twitter: @shibalist

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