Hello, New Visitors!

Hi, my name is Rebecca, but I am known online (and in-game) as Vehura.

I started this blog as a way to not overwhelm my main tumblr blog with talking about otome. Over time, it transformed into a walkthrough/tips/events/info blog. I love being as helpful as possible to the growing community.

I dislike spoilers with a passion. I want nothing more than to go into games playing as blindly as possible. This includes CG blind. I do my best to not post CGs.

Please do not send me spoilers. Even an off hand comment like: “Wait until you get to chapter 10″ is a spoiler to me because it sets me up with expectations.

If I do post spoilers, I will (try to) mark it as such in the header and then put the post behind a cut. I realize that tumblr mobile is a POS and doesn’t recognize cuts. So, that’s why I put it in the header so you can scroll past as quickly as possible without spoiling yourself.

I am an old (sup to my fellow olds) and a perv (PERV PATROL REPRESENT!) so I curse and am dirty which will sometimes make my blog go into NSFW territory. I also attempt to tag posts as such.

I am also very opinionated. I will probably say some things you may not agree with, talk shit about your bias and/or favorite game. Just remember that me not liking what you like does not and should not take away from your enjoyment of your trash game. (Jokes…) I am not here to try and change your mind and I would appreciate if you extended me the same courtesy.

That’s all I can think of for now. And, if you would like, please visit my support page for more information on how you can help me keep this site going. I have plans for expansion in the future that hopefully these games will die down enough so I can work on these plans more.

Thanks for visiting and/or following me!

Before you comment, please remember the following:

  • Posting a spoiler? Use the spoiler tag (COPY ALL OF THE FOLLOWING):
    [spoiler]<spoiler>your spoiler goes here</spoiler>
  • Do not link/discuss to cheats, full gameplay, voiced parts, or premium content that requires players to spend real money to obtain them.
  • Use the flagging system instead of engaging with people possibly trolling.
  • For more rules, see the Comment Policy.