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In an effort to grow my site, I had to move it off of tumblr only to discover that I get too many visitors to the site. The only solution was to buy a dedicated server that costs me $6804 every 3 years.

And that’s at a discount for paying for it all at once.

Any donation you make will go to helping me pay for this server. I want to continue to provide the community with walkthroughs and news. I plan on adding more pay game walkthroughs as well due to demand.

Thank you for reading and, if you decide to become a donate, I am very humbled and thankful for you.

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Other Donation Options ~♡

If you can’t pledge per month, you can also make a one time donation that, depending on what you chose, I will ALSO be using to pay off the server because it’s expensive.

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Every little bit helps me. Thank you for looking here and please continue to enjoy my site!

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