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Honey Magazine, a otome magazine app, is currently offering access to chapters for seven of its titles without tickets until January 27th.

Honey Magazine is free-to-play otome library application that releases new chapters weekly. The choices you make throughout these interactive love stories will leave you as the master of your own destiny as the stories do not require right answers to get a happy ending.

The game uses tickets that you can get for free, with one ticket restoring every 6 hours, or you can purchase them in app. Honey stones are to unlock certain stories and illustrations. There are also mini-stories while reading a character’s main story, that require you to purchase with real world money.

The offer is you can read character chapters without using your tickets to a specific chapter. The stories that are currently being offered are:

Rental Boyfriends – Aito Hozumi: Book 1 Chapters 1-10
A boyfriend dating service?! Will you be able to navigate a world surrounded by perfect guys? A world where everyone is not only boyfriend material, but also a co-worker!

Royal Midnight Kiss – Berg: Book 1 Chapters 1-5
A modern day fairy tale for working women! Tempted by beautiful princes, can you still focus on your career, or will you choose a life of luxury?

Unscripted Romance – Yutaka Okouchi: Book 1 Chapters 1-5
Do you prefer the celebrity life, or keeping things simple? Go behind the scenes of a popular TV show and find your true love!

Wanted: Son-in-Law! – Taiga Takajo AND Iori Nijo: Book 1 Chapters 1-5
What’s better than a group of eligible, ikemen bachelors? The power to choose which one you’ll marry! Do you think you’re up for the task?

Office Lover 2Kakeru Yamagata: Book 1 Chapters 1-10
It’s your 2nd year working as a CM Planner in an Advertising Agency and while you have been forced to drop the project you wanted, love in the office is coming your way…

KOCHOKI -A Tale Beyond Destiny – Nobunaga: Book 1 Chapters 1-5
After a trip back in time, you find yourself in an unknown parallel world where you meet Nobunaga Oda… But how will you navigate this brand new world?!

After the cut off, you will have to use your free tickets, one every six hours, or purchase tickets to read more. This promo ends January 27th 12PM JST.

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