Support the Kickstarter for “I Want To Be An Idol”

by Vehura

Reine Works announces the Kickstarter for their latest otome game

Itsuki Hayashibara, a young woman with no talent, dreams of becoming an idol, but her future seems bleak. After wearing her parents down, they agree to fund her attempts to get her career off the ground for 1 year. But if she fails, she must return home and become a dentist.

With three gorgeous love interests and two amazing side characters to befriend, there are multiple ways to guide Itsuki to her dream or watch her fail. Will she use her connections to her advantage or make it all on her own? This blend of visual novel and stat raiser will keep you on edge with its relentless sense of humor!


You can grab a copy of the game for $15 CAD, or grab a pack of physical goods for $75 CAD!

Support I Want to be an Idol’s goal on Kickstarter! Ends Thu, March 25 2021 2:57 PM CDT!

About Reine Works

Reine Works is a Canada-based indie developer founded in 2016. They seek to create unique, high-quality game experiences with vibrant artwork and stories that will keep you playing until the very end.

Links and Information

Steam: Coming Soon
Platform(s): PC, Mac, Linux
Language: English
Cost of Game: $15 CAD / $12 USD