Ikemen Revolution Limited Story Event “Hold Me Tight” Starts Today

Will true love transcend everything? Find out in this limited story event in Ikemen Revolution by CYBIRD, Inc.

In this limited time event, you can enjoy stories featuring Ray, Jonah, Edgar, and Loki. This type of event requires no tickets to read it. Each character has his story route that has two parts with 5 chapters each, and contains two different endings: Premium and Sweet.

Stories are:

Ray – A magic charm causes yours and Ray’s hands to be stuck together!
Jonah – A magic spell makes Jonah looks his memory of you…
Edgar – Will jealousy cause a rift between you and Edgar?
Loki – You accidentally wear a perfume infused with magic that attracts others!

There will also be a bonuses for finishing a character’s premium end of special cards and photos available only in this event.

For information on how to play the event and the Lucky Time schedule, press the menu button on the top right on the event home page once event is released.

For more information about this game, visit its game page on Otome Obsessed.

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