Ikemen Vampire Story Event “Napoleon’s Birthday” Starting Today

by Vehura
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Napoleon’s Birthday is August 15th! With a choice between a group party or a private celebration for two, how will you spend this special day with him?

Napoleon’s birthday story event requires no tickets to read it. The event story will have two endings, Sweet and Premium, in which the first time you complete a Premium End, you will be awarded a limited avatar.

There are also early clear bonuses that you can get if you finish the requirements in within the time limit posted for the bonus. There is also entry bonuses and First Day Entry Bonuses.

This event will not have epilogues. If you wish to read more content for Napoleon’s Birthday, there is currently a story sale where you can use diamonds to purchases the story.

The event will be held 8/9 10:00AM to 8/19 10:00AM JST (8/8 6:00PM to 8/18 6:00PM PDT). If you have ever played an Ikemen Series begin, this is the standard start time for all of their events.

For more information about Ikemen Vampire, please visit the Game Page.

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