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Ikemen Revolution is a fun game with a wide cast of characters. As a free-to-play game, it has story events with usually 4 character per event with two ends each.

CYBIRD’s story events are usually able to be completed by 100% free players with enough strategy and smart picking of event mates. With the new way events are done in IkeRev, that is not possible anymore.

Let me break down the differences and then give you tips on how to be successful and not angry when you can’t Full Clear every event without spending a lot of money.

If you are 100% free, you are going to have to pick and choose which events you will try to complete. This is because IkeRev gives out free premium currency and in order to off-set this, they have to make events harder to complete without spending money to encourage people to spend money for events.

So, not only are they giving out stamina items, but if you strategize the way you use your free stones, you could also manage to buy sets with those stones to help you complete your events.

Here are some tips for you to follow to help you be successful during events.

  1. There isn’t an opening or closing fever anymore. So, since mates with five star cards just give you a small Love Points boost, hold off starting the event until there is a fever. That way when you start, you can use stamina items to their full potential.
  2. Speaking of cards, put your Five Star card in the FIRST position in your versus deck as this is the card mates will be taking with them to battle which gives them the most points.
  3. You are going to have to decide which events you want to Full Clear and which events you would be okay with reading 1-2 premium ends.
  4. HOWEVER, since you cannot purchase epilogues and they are sometimes attached to how many ends you clear, once again, save your FC for your favorites so that you can make sure you get their epilogue.
  5. Buy TEA & CAKE SETS ONLY during fevers. These are the items you need to be buying more than anything for story events. For collection events, you want ticket sets only and then use those tickets during a story fever to get the most points out of them.
  6. If you won’t be able to EC in IkeRev, hold off reading the story until you have around 7500 LP. That way you can get one ending out of the way in one go and feel more accomplished. Premium Ends seem to go up 7.5k an ending.

I keep reminding myself that not FC-ing an event is not something I need to get super upset about. If I focus on the characters I like the most, then finishing those I don’t care about doesn’t matter.

Notes For IkeRev

8th Route Epilogue – In IkeRev, you cannot purchase epilogues. Instead, you must complete a certain number of ends in order to obtain one. Historically, we can predict who will always be the last epilogue to obtain.

  • If Ray is in the event, he will be the 8th Route Epilogue
  • If Sirius is in the event, he will be the 8th Route Epilogue
  • If they are both in the event, Sirius will be 7th and Ray will be 8th.

So, if you like Ray and/or Sirius, you are in deep. These two are the #1 and #2 rank in the JP game, so one is always in an event and they are always the last epilogue. I’ll light a candle for you.

Events in JP Game

This is chronological order from newest to oldest, will be updated every time a new event is released.

Oct 15 – Halloween Kiss (Collection)

September is for Anniversary Events Including an Election

Aug 31 – Sweet Princess (Story)

Characters: Jonah, Lancelot, Sirius, Fenrir

Aug 21 – Edgar and Luka 2nd Birthday (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Luka

Aug 11 – Delusion × Date (Collection)

July 30 – Lover’s Bodyguard (Story)

Characters: Zero, Jonah, Ray, Sirius

July 23 – Angel and Devil (Collection)

Note: Reprint with new items

July 13 – Kyle’s Birthday (Story)

Jun 28 – Dear My Wife (Story)

Characters: Jonah, Lancelot, Sirius, Fenrir

Jun 13 – Red vs Black Cradle Sports Day (Collection)

May 26 – Propose to My Alice (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Kyle, Ray, Luka

May 15 – Private My Darling (Collection)

April 30 – Sirius’ 2nd Birthday (Story)

April 21 – Sweet Temptation of Liqueur (Collection)

Note: Reprint with new items

April 9 – Fenrir’s 2nd Birthday (Story)

May 26 – Your Love is a Magic Bullet (Collection)

May 14 – Ray’s 2nd Birthday (Story)

Feb 27 – Don’t Say No Tonight (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Lancelot, Sirius, Fenrir

Feb 13 – Hug the Cat (Collection)

Note: Loki Birthday themed

Jan 30 – Melty Night Temptation (Story)

Characters: Luka, Edgar, Ray, Sirius

Jan 21 – Goodnight Darling (Collection)

Note: Reprint

Jan 10 – Lancelot’s 2nd Birthday (Story)


Dec 28 – Secret Bathtime (Story)

Characters: Jonah, Ray, Fenrir

Dec 14 – Wonderland Sharehouse (Collection)

Nov 28 – X’Mas Wish (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Luka, Ray, Sirius

Nov 15 – Jonah’s 2nd Birthday (Story)

Oct 31 – 1st Anniversary Pt 2 (Story)

Characters: Loki, Jonah, Sirius, Luka

Oct 21 – My Lover is a Wolf (Collection)

Note: Clemence Bros themed

Sept 29 – 1st Anniversary Pt 1 (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Lancelot, Ray, Fenrir

Big Gap for September for First Anniversary Events Including an Election

Out of 8.64 million total votes…

1st Ray 1,802,138
2nd Sirius 1,285,960
3rd Lancelot 954,197
4th Jonah 887,171
5th Fenrir 768,104 Votes
6th Edgar 731,927
7th Luka 533,605
8th Kyle 328,677
9th Loki 284,665
10th Zero 224,089
11th Harr 213,491
12th Oliver 184,162
13th Seth 137,301
14th Blanc 129,497 Votes

Aug 31 – Never Let You Go (Story)

Characters: Lancelot, Jonah, Ray, Fenrir, Edgar, Loki, Sirius, Luka
Note: We have received this event in the EN game

Aug 16 – Edgar and Luka Birthday (Story)

Characters: Edgar, Luka
Note: We have received this event in the EN game

July 31 – The Night Our Love Deepened (Story)

Characters: Ray, Jonah, Loki, Edgar

July 18 – Angel and Devil (Collection)

Note: We have received this event in the EN game

June 29 – Happy Wedding Pt 2 (Story)

Characters: Ray, Jonah, Loki, Edgar
Note: We have received this event in the EN game as “Say I Do”

June 14 – Sweet Temptation of Liqueur (Collection)

Note: We have received this event in the EN game as “Sip of Temptation”

May 31 – Happy Wedding Pt 1 (Story)

Characters: Ray, Jonah, Loki, Edgar
Note: We have received this event in the EN game as “Say I Do”

May 11 – Goodnight Darling (Collection)

April 28 – Siruis’ Birthday (Story)

April 14 – Fenrir’s Birthday (Story)

Mar 31 – Red vs Black Spring War (Collection)

May 17 – Ray’s Birthday (Story)

Feb 25 – Sweet Time with Alice (Collection)

Feb 1 – Alice and the Magic Chocolate (Story)

Characters: Ray, Sirius, Fenrir, Lancelot, Jonah


Dec 30 – Lancelot’s Birthday (Story)

Dec 19 – Cradle 10 Big News (Collection)

Dec 2 – The Gift Comes After the Kiss (Story)

Characters: Lancelot, Ray, Jonah, Fenrir

Nov 17 – Jonah’s Birthday (Story)

Note: We have received this event in the EN game

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