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Note: This post will contain spoilers for Another Story/V’s route. Continue reading at your own risk.

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  • Events in this story will spoil major plot points in the Causal Story, Deep Story, and the Secret Ends. Therefore, I would NOT recommend you play this route until you have finished at least the Good Ends and the Secret Ends in the Main Stories first.
  • (General) Sympathize with V. Tell him how great he is and how much you trust him.
  • Turn away from darkness. Mint Eye wants to corrupt the MC, do not humor them or sympathize with them.
  • Going through the motions. When V starts to freak out, do your best to keep him calm.

Contents: Chat, Message, Endings



Note: There are very few hearts from characters in messages in the Another Story route. And all hearts, that I saw, that were for V were directly when talking to him. I am listing just the ones that give you hearts.

  • I like all the members of the RFA. I want to good friends with you all asap.
  • I think it’s because everyone’s so nice to me. And it’s all thanks to you.

Endings (spoilers)

  • Good End – Get to the Party with 20? guests (I have not confirmed this)
  • Normal End – Get to the Party with 0~19 guests (I would just not invite anyone)
  • Bad End 1 – 5th Day Branch
    Flirt and agree with Ray, look down on the RFA members, keep asking them to tell the MC secrets and pointing out that they aren’t real. Break the 4th wall by calling it a game/talk about the good ending/ect.
  • Bad End 2 – 7th Day Branch
    Flirt and agree with Ray, point out that V can’t be trusted and how terrible of a person he is (….), talk about how great it is at the compound
  • Bad End 3 – 9th Day Branch
    Be aggressive when it comes to Rika, Ray, and Mint Eye, push the MC’s romantic feelings on V, get upset when it seems he’s putting Rika before MC
  • Bad End 4 – 10th Day Branch
  • Prologue Bad End: Don’t answer Ray’s calls, then report him to the police when the option is presented.

These are just endings that I know of. There may be more, but at this time, I want to figure things out for myself. Please do not spoil me. Thank you.

Click this link for help achieving Bad Ends.

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