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by Vehura
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Note: This post will contain spoilers for Another Story/Ray’s route. Continue reading at your own risk.

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  • Events in this story will spoil major plot points in the Causal Story, Deep Story, and the Secret Ends. Therefore, I would NOT recommend you play this route until you have finished at least the Good Ends and the Secret Ends in the Main Stories first.
  • I will add tips about how to generally do a good job in Ray’s route once I have completed it.

Contents: Chat, Message, Endings


Common Route –  First~Fourth Day


Note: There are very few hearts from characters in messages in the Another Story route. And all hearts, that I saw, that were for Ray were directly when talking to him. I am listing just the ones that give you hearts.

Endings (spoilers)

  • Happy End – Get to the Party with 16 guests. (Could be less)
  • Normal End – Get to the Party with 0~15 guests (I would just not invite anyone)
  • Bad End 1 – Xth Day Branch
  • Bad End 2 – Xth Day Branch
  • Bad End 3 – Xth Day Branch

These are just endings that I know of. There may be more in the comments. I have no plans to play through the route again anytime soon to get all the bad ends.

Click this link for help achieving Bad Ends.

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