Kalmia8 reveals new game, Les Grande Odarisque

Kalmia8’s new 18+ otome game has an English version website promoting two main characters and seven men.

On April 25th, the developer of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome and, upcoming MangaGamer English release, Fxxk Me Royally revealed a website for their new game.

The game is the story of a princess, Alexia, and a female military cadet, Eli, who are best friends. As war seems to be coming to their small European country and Alexia is sent as an envoy to Anatolia, a nation in the East.

At this time, the website only has the synopsis and the character page, with beautiful artwork. With a release coming soon this year, Les Grande Odarisque may be one to keep on your English release radar.

Visit Kalmia8’s twitter for more information and future updates.

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