Jellyfish Parade launches Kickstarter for newest game, Belle Automata

by Vehura
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Aureve [renameable] is an android who finds herself in the home of a mysterious benefactor.

Belle Automata is a romantic scifi-fantasy visual novel releasing in 2022 on Itch and Steam. It will feature two romanceable characters, a cyborg and an android. 


Aureve [renameable] is an android, content with a life of weaving silk tapestries alongside her master in his workshop–but when her master dies, his family sells her off to a wealthy, reclusive buyer due to her being a rogue: a self-aware android.

Thrown into a new home of refuge for rogues, Aureve must find her place amongst them and answer the question once and for all: can an android truly feel?



  • 2 love interests to pursue
  • Full VA for all spoken lines
  • 100,000 words of content
  • 5 Unique Sprites with anime style art
  • 8 CGs (4 per route)
  • Blinking animations
  • 6 possible endings
  • A sweet, romantic VN that’s safe for work 

Kickstarter Details

This campaign ends December 10 with a funding goal of $9,000 with eight different reward tiers to choose from!

Rewards included in the tiers are

  • Digital copy of the game
  • Digital Walkthrough Booklet
  • Belle Automata Physical Photocards
  • Digital Light Novel (BOTH routes)
  • Digital OST
  • Physical Poster of Belle Automata Key Art
  • And More!

If you are interested in learning more about the campaign, please visit the Kickstarter!

A Note About Kickstarter

On Kickstarter, if a campaign does not hit its funding goals, nobody who back the campaign gets charged. You are only charged when it is successful. So, don’t hold back on pledging! Campaigns need backers to be successful!

About the Team

owl., aka chouette, is the 27 year old founder and lead developer at Philadelphia-based game studio Jellyfish Parade. Established in 2016, Jellyfish Parade’s mission is to create ethnically diverse games that’ll turn your heart to jelly. The lack of representation in the otome scene is what inspired owl. to bring melanin-rich casts to life in all of their projects, no matter the genre, setting, or size. Browse other Jellyfish Parade titles here.

Along with developing visual novels with Ren’Py, owl. is an avid K-Pop fan, has lived in Thailand, and loves to mix music in her spare time.


Script/Coding/Soundtrack: owl.

BG Design: Goya Munoz

Sprite Artist: Ananke

UI Design: ley#9869 on Discord

Audio Engineer: Matt Dear

Voice Acting:  zerov0id as Aureve | Noah Belachew as Quentis | Brandon P. Jenkins as Victor

Game: Super/Human Identity
Developer: Jellyfish Parade
Base Game Release Date: Q3 2022
Platforms: PC, MAC OS, and Linux
$19.99 for the Base Game, $9.99 for future DLC
Kickstarter: Project Page
Twitter: @jelpiparade

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