Support Kickstarter for Romance Visual Novel “Pipe Dream” by Notome Games

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Follow the protagonist Robin as she enters college and finds friendship, love… and hopefully herself.


Robin is taking her first steps into college life, escaping he shadow of her overbearing mother. Will she find her passion? Will he find someone to share it with? That’s up to you!

Pursue six different love interests on six different routes. But be careful, not everyone has Robin’s best interests at heart! Experience love from the first spark and beyond, guiding Robin’s budding romance through the course of the school year. With your help Robin can discover herself, make friends, and find out what a good life could look like.



  • Choice Feature – Shape your experience through your choices. Even smaller ones can have an effect down the road.
  • Multiple Endings – With a total of 19 endings, you’ll have plenty to discover in the world of Pipe Dream.
  • Voice Acting – Characters are brought to life with partial voice acting!
  • 40+ CGs
  • Demo Available on and Steam!

About Notome Games

 As longtime aficionados of both visual novels and romcom anime the team have spent the past few years pouring their heart and soul into Pipe Dream. Unlike many other dating sims, they wanted to create a game that doesn’t just end when the characters get together, but also explores the complexities of how the relationship develops afterwards. 

Pipe Dream on Kickstarter

The full game is estimated at over 250,000 words and 40+ CGs of total content, made up of 6 routes with a total of 19 endings, partially voiced. You can help Notome Games reach their funding goal through one of the many reward levels. The Kickstarter ends Sat, February 13 2021 4:00 PM CST.

PC, Mac, SteamOS + Linux
Language: English
Genre: Visual Novel, Romance, Slice of Life

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