Liar! Data Hunt – Shuto’s Professions of Love

Your dreambaot soccer player has an Oedipus complex! You glumly dump Shuto –  but he’s got a surprise up his sleeve… His feeling for you are anything but lukewarm!

Event Ends: February 1st 12:00JST

This event is really simple, just read the story.

Bonuses (includes voiced data by Yuma Uchida as Shuto Matsuki)

File No.249

  • Star Rarity:  ★★★☆☆
  • Get by using 30 tickets
  • Start the event by January 26th 2amJST at the LATEST
  • Has 5 voiced lines

File No.250?

  • Star Rarity: ????
  • Get by using 70 tickets
  • If you start the event before the time turns over at 3amJST and use 25 tickets to get this data.
  • Has 15 voiced lines

Good Luck!

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