Liar! Sequel – Chapter 2: Kisses and Doubts

by Vehura
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“I told myself I wouldn’t fall for a liar, but…”

He’s a new man, or so he tells you… Will you say ‘yes’ to his advances?

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1st Half Early Clear (Clear Prologue + 2 Character Ends): 5 Days
2nd Half Early Clear (Clear all Characters): 7 Days

Story 1

Number of Chapters: 43

Room Investigation
Tap the planner on the couch in front of the red reindeer pillow.
Tap the pinata that says “Merry X’mas”
Swipe left>Tap the receipts on the floor

Room Investigation
Tap the package on the table.
Tap the Santa body outside the window.







Q. Only Azusa could be responsible for Headless Santa because…?
A. Preparation time.

Two Keys

Q.  What will you ask Azusa about his shopping trip?
C. What did you buy?

Fireworks package

Picture of Christmas Tree

Cool Points Mission – 14580 CP Needed

Tree Assembly Instructions

Lovers Routes

  • Sotaro – 10 Chapters
  • Kunio – 10 Chapters
  • Shuto – 11 Chapters
  • Azusa – 10 Chapters
  • Kazumi – 13 Chapters

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here

(Guys have been moved to the page above as well)

I am not going to play this right away since it has no time limit and instead am going to wait until the next Data Hunt so I get more bang for my tickets.

Contributor(s): Erny Ang, FinalShadows, IA, Yee Ching, Thanh Trang


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