Liar! Sequel – Chapter 4: Cherry Petals and Fortunes

by Vehura
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Just when you told yourself you’d never fall for a liar… He’s trying hard to better himself and your resolve to keep your distance begins to waver… Meanwhile, your landlord, Johnny, wants your help running his food booth!

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1st Half Early Clear (Clear Prologue + 2 Character Ends): 5 Day(If you choose two 9 ticket lovers routes, you will need to use 14 more tickets.
2nd Half Early Clear (Clear all Characters): 7 Days (After clearing the first Half clear, you will need to use 34 more tickets)
Total Tickets needed: 83
Total extras needed to get both Half Clears: 48 Tickets


Tickets needed: 31


Scroll to Joe’s Post>Take Photo
Tap his comments>Tap Nanami’s name>Tap the photo>Save

Q. Which shop will you go borrow ketchup from?
B. Hyper hot dog


Nanyami’s selfie

Q. Which part of the picture do you point out?
C. Earrings

Q. Where do you look for Keima?
A. Fountain

Q. How do you introduce Haruichi?
B. “He’s someone I work with.”


Group Picture (2)
Picture with Haruichi

Cool Points Mission – 20540

Q. Where do you go look?
B. Patisserie Kassi’s booth

Lovers Routes

  • Joe – 12 Chapters
  • Haruichi – 11 Chapters
  • Itaru – 9 Chapters
  • Keima – 9 Chapters
  • Toya – 11 Chapters

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here

(Guys have been moved to the page above as well)

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