Liar! Sequel – Chapter 5: The Great Fiance Hunt

At a matchmaking party, you get a device to capture men?! If you can land all ten men, a special gift awaits…

You have five days! Make ten hot men swoon and get ’em all!

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1st Half Early Clear (Clear 5 Character Ends): 5 Days
2nd Half Early Clear (Clear all Characters): 7 Days
Total Tickets needed: ??? (Current Count: 30)
Total extras needed to get both Half Clears: ??? Tickets

Note: USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Answer are not confirmed until wording is added.

Note: I am not rushing through this as I don’t want to use tickets if I don’t have to and these sequels take A LOT of tickets to EC.

Stage 1

Q. How will you make Shuto swoon?
B. Touch

Q. How will you make Shuto strip?
C. Knock over a glass


Scroll to Toya’s Post>Take a Photo
Scroll to Toya’s 2nd Post>Take a Photo

Q. How do you reply to Toya’s TalkTime?
A. A heart

Q. How will you reply to Toya’s TalkTime?
B. Answer right away

Stage 2

Q. How will you approach Haruichi?
A. Fake glasses

Q. Which room is Haruichi in?
B. Room B

Q. How do you respond to Joe’s apology?
A. Get mad.

Q. What will you ask Haruichi for?
B. Dress up as a girl

Stage 3


Scroll to Azusa’s Post>Click the comments>Take a Photo

Q. What kind of sex appeal will you use on Azusa?
C. Spill water on yourself

Q. What will you wear?
B. An off-the-shoulder top

Q.  What will you say to wake Sotaro?
A. “You work so hard.”

Q.  What’ll you do for Sotaro?
C. Let him lie on your lap.

Stage 4

A. Puppy dog eyes

B. Haunted house

Flirt Time Questions

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