Liar! Uncover the Truth Sequel – Moving Forward

by Vehura
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1st Half Early Clear (Clear Prologue + 2 Character Ends): 5 Days
2nd Half Early Clear (Clear all Characters): 7 Days

If you are unable to see the sequel tab in the story map, update the app first. For some reason, they are not forcing an update.

THIS SEQUEL WILL SPOIL PART OF ITARU’S LOVER’S STORY. This could have been avoided, but I guess they didn’t want to be vague enough and just wanted to assume everyone bought and read his LS…

Story 1

Number of Chapters: 22

Q. What do you say to avoid Kazumi’s invite?
“I’ll be a pest about deadlines.”

Q. How do you avoid Kazumi tagging along?
 “It’s at 8pm today.”

Q. What will you feed Shuto?
Spicy Ramen

Q. Quick! Don’t show Azusa your new address!
Show him the flier.

Q. Don’t let Sotaro discover you’re moving!
Say you’re here for a wedding.

Q. How do you refuse Sotaro’s offer?
 Show him your phone.

Q. How will you sidestep Kunio here?
Tell him a friend’s coming.

Cool Points Mission – 12090 CP Needed

Q. How do you dodge Kunio’s invitation?
 “I’m gonna stay at the office.”

Lovers Routes

  • Sotaro – 11 Chapters
  • Kunio – 11 Chapters
  • Shuto – 15 Chapters
  • Azusa – 12 Chapters
  • Kazumi – 13 Chapters

Flirt Time Questions

All common Flirt Time Questions are located here

(Guys have been moved to the page above as well)

Contributor(s): Mei Nikoyaka

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