Walkthrough – Lotte’s Forest – Licht

by Vehura
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Licht, the Frog Prince is the King of the White Forest. Smart and gentle young man who is like gentle waters. A wise king who is impeccable but turns into a frog when distracted.


  • Bad End – Default End
  • Normal End – Need 60 Affection
  • Happy End – Need 100 Affection

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Note: Not all answers are confirmed. Spin his gacha for a chance to make up affection daily. Use walkthrough at your own risk!

Chapter 1

Part 4

Could you slow down?
You’re really fast.
Thank you. (+5?)

Part 6

Who are you?
You’re mistaking me for someone else.
I’m not your “Princess”. (+5?)

Part 8

After some thinking, I nodded. (+5?)
I slowly nodded in silence.
I nodded energetically.

Chapter 2

Scenario 3 – Coordination Check
Premium: Lace-up Boots (Charm +15) – 200 Ruby
Normal: Thick-soled Heart shaped sandals (Charm +5) – 1000 Gold

Part 6

What an odd king you are
You’re such a friendly king (+5?)
You don’t behave like a king

Part 12

… It was a little frightening. (+5?)
I’m fine now so it’s alright.
Don’t mind it.

Chapter 3

Part 1

See you tomorrow.
Good night.
Today has been really fun. (+5?)

Part 3

I keep telling myself to calm down
I closed my eyes instead. (+5?)
I took a deep breath.

Part 6

A lovely green dress (+5?)
A smart-looking blue dress
An elegant pink dress

Scenario 8 – Elegance Check (Need 2500+ Elegance)

Chapter 4

Scenario 3 – Coordination Check
Premium: Sunflower head accessory (Charm +60) – 400 Ruby
Normal: Straw bouquet (Charm +20) – 4000 Gold

Part 6

…I should just enter normally. (+5?)
Should I pretend to be Heinrich?
Let’s pretend to be a maid.

Part 11

You are very good as it is.
Don’t push yourself too hard.
I’ve watched you. (+5?)

Part 14

…I decided to look into the well. (+5?)
I looked at somewhere else.
I tried calling for Licht.

Chapter 5

Part 2

I’ll continue looking for Licht…
Is that… Licht?
I-I’m fine… (+5?)

Part 5

I’ll call you White! (+5?)
Is it okay to call you little frog?
Frog it is then.

Scenario 9 – Coordination Check
Premium: Big sunflowers (Charm +90) – 400 Ruby
Normal: Chick plushie (Charm +30) – 4000 Gold

Part 11

Your story, Licht.
My favorite story. (+5?)
A well-known fairy tale.

Chapter 6

Part 4

I think he’s really fishy!
I think he’s hiding something. (+5?)
I think he’s somewhat mysterious.

Scenario 6 – Elegance Check (Need 7000+ Elegance)

Part 9

Don’t believe it.
Think it can’t be helped.
Think so too. (+5?)

Part 12

…It’s nothing, really.
Somehow it really bothers me! (+5?)
I feel kinda sad.

Chapter 7

Scenario 1 – Coordination Check
Premium: Braided Hair (Charm +120) – 700 Ruby
Normal: Fluffy curly princess-style hair (Charm +40) – 10000 Gold

Part 2

….Licht, you meanie. (+5?)
Don’t stare at me like that…
H…How rude.

Part 7

This is not the time to humor Ubel…
..What happened to Licht? (+5?)
Don’t call me that!

Part 13

….. (+5?)
I’m sorry, but…
It hurts, let go…!

Normal End

Chapter 1

Scenario 4 – Elegance Check (Need 15000+ Elegance)

Chapter 2

Scenario 5 – Coordination Check
Premium: Drooping Eyes Mellow Face (Charm +150) – 700 Ruby
Normal: Gleaming Smile (Charm +50) – 10000 Gold

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