Walkthrough – Lotte’s Forest – Orkan

Orkan, Puss in Boots, travels through the forest with the princess. Holds pride as a knight. A boss of his Shoes Firm and loves to make money.


  • Bad End – Default End
  • Normal End – Need 60 Affection
  • Happy End – Need 100 Affection

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Note: Not all answers are confirmed. Spin his gacha for a chance to make up affection daily. Use walkthrough at your own risk!

Chapter 1

Part 3

Run away!!
Look out!
Oh no! I’m not going to make it –! (+5?)

Part 8

More importantly…….
I feel sorry for them. (+5?)
That’s so mean of you to say…….

Chapter 2

Part 2

Actually, I’ll keep quiet.
First, I’ll apologize. (+5?)
I’ll properly tell them the truth.

Scenario 7 – Coordination Check
Premium: Thick-soled Pumps with Ribbon (Charm +15) – 200 Rubies
Normal: V-cut Booty with Ribbon (Charm +5) – 1000 Gold

Part 8

Stand there and look at the door. (+5?)
Quietly leave.
Try knocking.

Part 10

Is it something important to you?
It’s a beautiful sound, isn’t it? (+5?)
Can I get a closer look?

Chapter 3

Part 5

(We need to calm down here……)
You’re a disgrace to all knights!
The Princess will cry because of this! (+5?)

Part 9

Actually, no it’s nothing! (+5?)
Being a merchant is life calling?
I thinking that you’re amazing.

Scenario 9 – Elegance Check (Need 2500+ Elegance)

Part 11

How should I go on with this journey (+5?)
It’s be useless even if I refuse
I have no where in particular to go…..

Chapter 4

Part 3

Not realy….
It does!
I don’t know…. (+5?)

Part 4

…. You’re right.
I have plenty of guts for it….! (+5?)
Of course I do.

Scenario 7 – Coordination Check
Premium: Casablanca Head dress (Charm +60) – 400 Rubies
Normal: Pink rose mini hat (Charm +20) – 4000 Gold

Part 15

I didn’t know…..
I’m sorry…… (+5?)

Chapter 5

Part 4

No, thank you.
…..If you could, then please. (+5?)
I can cross it on my own, thank you.

Part 11

Wake Orkan up and ask him…… (+5?)
I’ll continue to look for a path.
Maybe I’ll wait until help comes…….

Part 12

I’m sorry.
But see, I’m okay. (+5?)

Scenario 14 – Coordination Check
Premium: Rabbit plushy (Charm +90) – 400 Rubies
Normal: Straw bag with ribbon (Charm +30) – 4000 Gold

Chapter 6

Part 1

I am not the Princess.
Pretend you didn’t see us. (+5?)
Go home.

Scenario 5 – Elegance Check (Need 7000+ Elegance)

Part 9

I wasted my time worrying about you. (+5?)
Is it true that you broke a bone……?
I’m glad that you’re doing well.

Part 15

Yes, I did.
No, I didn’t see anything like that.
What ever are you talking about? (+5?)

Chapter 7

Part 5

Poor Orkan….. (+5?)
……I’m sorry.
But it’s wrong that they do that!

Part 8

But I was told to go look. (+5?)
I’m not going to disappear.
I can’t go back without the prince.

Part 10

…….It’s exactly as you say. (+5?)
It’s not that I’ve fallen for you…….

Scenario 10 – Coordination Check
Premium: Party hairdo (Charm +120) – 700 Rubies
Normal: Braided hair (Charm +40) – 10000 Gold

Normal End

Chapter 1

Scenario 3 – Elegance Check (Need 15000+ Elegance)

Chapter 2

Scenario 1 – Coordination Check
Premium: Shy face (Charm +150) – 700 Rubies
Normal: Adult Wink Face (Charm +50) – 10000 Gold

Happy End

Scenario 9 – Coordination Check

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