Walkthrough – Lotte’s Forest – Schwarz

by Vehura
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Schwarz is the King of the Black Forest. He’s been called the Dark Lord and considered evil who should be defeated in this world.


  • Bad End – Default End
  • Normal End – Need 60 Affection
  • Happy End – Need 100 Affection

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Note: Using this walkthrough, you will need to make up 2 affection for the Happy End. I know they are all marked as +5?, but I need to rerun the route to figure out more on what are the actual +5 answers. Spin his gacha for a chance to make up affection daily.

Chapter 1

Part 5

I have to wait and see some more…
Hurry and run!
…….Why am I feeling this way…… (+5?)

Part 9

Run away with little hesitation.
Have to run away
Couldn’t move from where I stand (+5?)

Chapter 2

Part 2

……..doesn’t even know himself (+5?)
thought I love this place
thought I couldn’t get out of this place

Part 5

I thought it was sorrowful (+5?)
I thought it was beautiful
I thought it was scary

Part 6

shook my body and resisted
was too scared, my voice won’t come out
stared at him (+5?)

Scenario 14 – Coordination Check
Premium: Bridal Shoes with Rose Corsage (Charm +15) – 200 Ruby
Normal: Classic Opera Shoes (Charm +5) – 1000 Gold

Chapter 3

Scenario 4 –Elegance Check (Need 2500+ Elegance)

Part 8

Stay like this for a while (+5?)
Try calling his name
Tell him to let go

Part 10

I don’t even know myself (+5?)
I came from a different world
I am not your “Princess”

Part 13

I just can’t leave you alone……
I’m not afraid of you anymore
Now is not the time for that, right? (+5?)

Part 15

Are you worried about me?
I’m not going to run away. (+5?)
I understand……

Chapter 4

Scenario 1 – Coordination Check
Premium: Brilliant pearl crown (Charm +60) – 400 Ruby
Normal: Heart hair pin (Charm +20) – 4000 Gold

Part 3

I hope your wounds heal soon.
I hope the real Princess comes back soon. (+5?)
I hope you return to being human soon.

Part 4

maybe he felt hatred (+5?)
maybe he felt sad
…..I don’t want to think about it

Part 10

You think, it doesn’t suit me?
Shouldn’t I have worn it? (+5?)
Because I liked it….

Chapter 5

Part 5

I’m sorry…..
You don’t have to say it like that….
….Thank you. (+5?)

Part 10

…….It’s nothing
You’re funny…… (+5?)
I’m glad…..

Scenario 11 – Coordination Check
Premium: Heart pompons bouquet (Charm +90) – 400 Ruby
Normal: Lantern (Charm +30) – 4000 Gold

Part 13

….Couldn’t move.
Tried to get away from his hand
Strongly shook his hand (+5?)

Chapter 6

Part 1

Thought it was creepy (+5?)
Thought it was scary
Thought it was beautiful

Part 4

I’m not weird….. (+5?)
Why would you say that….?

Scenario 4 –Elegance Check (Need 7000+ Elegance)

Part 5

Don’t fight.
I’m here for you.
Trust me. (+5?)

Chapter 7

Part 2

It’ll be fine, don’t worry (+5?)
You’ll come to understand
Still… I want you to accept it

Part 11

I won’t leave you alone
Don’t be sad
I’m here for you (+5?)

Scenario 14 – Coordination Check
Premium: Romantic hairdo with Organdy ribbon (Charm +120) – 700 Ruby
Normal: Active shiny girl (Charm +40) – 10000 Gold

Normal End

Scenario 3 –Elegance Check (Need 15000+ Elegance)

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