“Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled” has been released

by Vehura
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Abracadabra Inc., the video game and entertainment company behind AbracadabraGames otome and BL smartphone titles, has just released its brand new otome game “Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled”. The title is currently available for download on Google Play and on Apple’s App Store. “Lust in Terror Manor – The Truth Unveiled” is the revamped version of the already popular otome game “Lust in Terror Manor” and features a brand new design, a new route and previously unpublished gacha and events! Will you be able to survive a chilling killing game?


13 men and women trapped in a Western hotel on a remote island. Without understanding why, you’re involved in an unbelievably cruel game.

Trapped on a land full of strangers… While doubting them one by one, someone appears before your eyes. But who is it?

<<Why do you know me!?>>

In this dangerous situation, the secret relationship between you and a handsome man who wants to protect you will be the only thing to keep you alive.

Will the two of you be able to survive on this inescapable island!?

Experience a suspenseful environment full of lust and terror!

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