MangaGamer announces Valentine’s release date for HuneX’s Steam Prison

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The English release date of HuneX’s Steam Prison has been announced for February 14, 2019. The release will be both on MangaGamer’s website and on the Steam platform for Windows.

In Steam Prison, you play as Cyrus Tistella, Rank One police officer, who grew up in the affluent Heights and has a contempt for those below in The Depths. But an observation mission requires her to travel there where she’s greeted with a violent, destitute world of hardworking, damaged individuals.

Can she reconcile the world she knows with this world as it is? Will she connect with any of those living below, or join in the contempt for them? Can she endure the truths to be uncovered under her watch?

As with most otome games, you can give the MC a different name is desired. However, with most games where the MC has a canon name and the game is voiced, usually the voiced characters will say her name if it is left as is. Otherwise, they use the non-specific “you” or don’t say anything when the MC’s name is to be spoken.

As previously written, the game will be available on Windows PC on both the MangaGamer website (NSFW) or on the Steam platform. If you pre-order directly from MangaGamer, you can grab the game for 9% off.

Game: Steam Prison
Release Date: February 14, 2019
System: PC / Download Only
Price: $34.99USD
Text Language: English
Audio: Japanese
Shop Page (MangaGamer – NSFW):
Shop Page (Steam):

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