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by Vehura
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This beautiful pin, made by Allison C.M., would be a great for any otome gamer

In an Otome Obsessed first, I have collaborated with illustrator, Allison C.M. to review her otome gamer pin. Beginning as a Kickstarter campaign, any photos I took of this pin did not do it justice!

About the Pin

The fact that I put this glittery pink pin next to a cthulhu die probably says a lot about my usual aesthetic…

Special Feature: Glitter Pink
Size: 2 inches/5.08cm

Color: Rose Gold
Metal: Iron


This pin is beautiful. The rose gold finish works well with the pastel color palette and the sparkles on the controller adds that little something extra. I have found myself on several occasions, picking the pin up and swirling it in the sunlight to watch it do its magic. While I’m not a pastel kind of person, if the cthulhu die doesn’t give me away, I can still enjoy something very bright like this pin.

The design itself is very fun. The lines are not perfect, making its design more playful in a way that color alone cannot express. Sometimes I do think my head is a little “in the clouds” when playing otome/romance games. The back of the pin is secured by two backings that are also in the shape of clouds. I’ve been told that the version with the backings is now sold out and that this pin is one of the original set. You can also find the artist’s name stamped on the back of the pin.


I was really surprised to see this pin in person. You see 2 inches and your brain still is a bit unable to process just how big that is. I took a photo of it next to a die to help drive home how big it is. The pin itself is also thick, which concerned me until I turned it over to see that it has two clutches on the back to help secure it.

Price & Where to Purchase

At $9 each, the pin is worth it for the quality. If you are interested, you can purchase the pin at either the following places

Final Thoughts

I haven’t really seen otome merchandise before that is just to signify oneself to others that wasn’t actual merchandise from a game and this is a strong start if others might also think of trying this out. The pin overall has no flaws and is overall extremely well manufactured. I felt the need to immediately attach it to my purse, until I remembered I had to take photos of it first. If you are looking for something to add to you collection, or someway to potentially signal yourself to other otome game players at a meetup or convention, I think you can’t go wrong with this pin!

About Allison C.M.

Allison C.M. is a Haitian American illustrator who lives in South Florida. Her work mainly showcases cute, light-hearted themes that are often seen in anime and manga. Allison’s love for storytelling and illustration held her to working in the publishing field for about five years. Currently, she is a full-time educator on the pathway to librarianship.

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