Mini-Review – Dream Boyfriend

by Vehura
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What am I doing with my life

So this game is not really an otome game, at least, I don’t consider it so. It’s basically Tomogachi Boyfriend with a Dress-Up Game added on.

You, through a series of events, end up with a “Create a God” app on your phone and a bunch of Gods show up and are like: “Yo, we’re running out of Gods. So we need you to raise some for us.”

So you make a God and now you get to raise him how you want and your choices will determine what kind of personality he’ll have. So, you are raising a child in the body of a grown man. Also there are kissing and “stroke him” minigames. Yeah…

So, after you are given your default boyfriend, you get to name him, decide his skin color (OMG YOU CAN MAKE A CHOCO!), and decide how tall you want him to be.

Then you get to decide how he, and possibly the others characters, are going to refer to you.

The Gods then tell you that he’s real and you have to chat him up and go on dates with him to build up his personality. Then we’re off!

Here is my boyfriend Isuka (DON’T YOU JUDGE ME!!!!) after a trip to the salon for a hair coloring and a gacha spin. Also, look at this busy ass home screen.

Press the star in the bottom left corner to do date, chatting, and work interactions. Chatting takes energy and once you drain it, it takes a while to refill. Dates also take points and can be as short as 10 minutes up to a few hours once you have unlocked the options.

There are mini-games in the chat screen. One gives you the choice of two options and depending on your answers make him happy.

Btw, he totally wanted meat. Also, some of the answers it’s pretty obvious what you are supposed to pick.

There is also, this mini-game….

Which you can FAIL as well as a Stroke Him mini-game that you can also fail if you don’t… stroke him right… Seriously, what am I doing with my life?

And then when you max your Astrolove, it’s Kissing Mini-game time!

The game also has events and gacha. The current event is a school festival and it basically has you tapping a button to walk through the festival. That’s it, that’s the event.

So, if you want to raise boyfriends to be Gods, then maybe this game is for you. It’s strangely addicting. I find myself opening the app going: Wait, WHY AM I OPENING THIS?!

– Game Information –
Title: Dream Boyfriend
Platforms: iOS / Android
Price: Free (with In-App Purchases)
Countries: USA, UK, Australia, Canada, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Poland, the Netherlands.


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