Mini-Review: Seriously, you should try Ephemeral

by Vehura
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So, we played this game on the stream last Saturday and then this weekend (well, Twitch was being an ass today).

At first, seeing as I’m always in mode for games on a level with a certain company, I was kinda shooing it off. 

But, in the end, wow. I found myself actually having fun! The game is funny, the MC is naive, but there is a reason she is this way.

And, if you want to see an actual healthy sub-dom relationship in a high school fantasy game, Shiba’s route is where it’s at!

I don’t even know if that’s how the game was intended for the relationship to be viewed, but that is actually when they ended up depicting. A girl being dominate over a boy in a very healthy way. She was not forceful, she did not make him do things he didn’t want to do. I mean, just something I had really yet to see in an otome game. A nice breath of fresh air.

Forget your sadism game. 

Let a purple haired werewolf beg a girl to pet him and is happy when he’s rewarded for being a good sub. LOL

Yeah, now I HAVE to try out the other routes. Ray is such an little shit. I can only hope that she ends up with him happy to lick her zombie shoes as well.

You can apparently read the game for free (I don’t know how this works), but after that play through, I have no regrets on shelling out $3.99 for the route and kinda wish I had bit the bullet and bought all four at a discount.

Shiba’s Romance Part: A

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