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This is the general game mechanics. Here i will generally just going over how the basic game works as well as some things I feel are either explained poorly or not at all.



Karma has SOOOO much going on with it that I have moved it to its own page to go over all the things I currently understand how it works.

Basic Karma Mechanics are here.

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Experts are hired to help you pass Missions. They can be obtained by reading the story or by exchanging Investigation Medals for them in the Talent Market of City News.

Experts need to be upgraded to make them the most efficient possible. You can upgrade them by going to your company, tapping on the More Experts tab, and then tapping on each Expert one at a time, and then the Upgrade button on the bottom right. Every upgrade costs Gold and the price of the Upgrade increases based on the level the card will be upgrading to.

Please note that you cannot upgrade your experts past the current company level.

Tip: Upgrade your new Experts to the highest company level right after you receive them.

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Shooting Mission

With Shooting Mission, you have a chance to gain special items that are used to Star Rank up your Karma (Cards). Shooting Mission consumes your Stamina, so use it wisely. If you are looking for a Shooting Missions Guide, please go here.

In order to pass a Shooting Mission, you must pass the Standard which is the white vertical line in the meter at the top. Pushing past this line will raise how well you did.

Your Basic Score is based on your company strength. This will go up the more you work on levelling up your company. I go over that more on the Company Page.

Each Shooting Mission will have Keywords attached and you will need to hire Experts to work for you and match those Experts to those Keywords.

Holding down on an Experts Photo will display their Keywords. If you currently have an Experts with those traits but they aren’t “hired,” you can press the More Experts button and then dismiss an Expert to hire on one that does have the requirements. Please note, you cannot dismiss an Expert who is already Producing and you cannot assign more than one job to an Expert.

After you have assigned your Expert(s), you will then be sent to the Summon Karma screen.

Here will display all the Karma you currently hold that you can summon. This section also has a set of Keywords, labelled “Strength Required.” Selecting Karma that has these as a top Strengths will get you a greater score. You can press the labelled tabs to make sure that you choose Karma that have these Strengths.

Once you have selected your Karma, press “Confirm” and then “Release” after the Karma meter is completed.

As long as you pass the Standard line, you will pass the event with at least one crown and you can see comments on the event. Try your best to get three crowns!

Tapping again will bring you to the Rewards and Exp Screen where you can see what rewards you acquired and how much EXP your Karma received. Pressing End will end the event. If you want to retry for a better score, you can do that as well.

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This screen is where you will upgrade your Experts and train your Departments.

Your company will level up naturally as you play the game through passing Missions.

Upgrade your Experts’ Attributes and Level using Gold. You cannot upgrade your Experts past the current level of the Company. More about Experts.

After you Complete Level 3-1, you will unlock Training, which will go to adding more points to your company’s basic score.

You will be showing training that departments can do. Tap on the Card to start the Training. Once it is completed, tap it again to get rewards and level up the corresponding department.

Tip: When your company levels up, go to the Company section and upgrade all of your Experts immediately.

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This area has SMS, Moments, Calls, and News. Use this area to get more intimacy with the love interests. I have an on-going list of answer choices and what points they award you on each Characters’ Page listed on the Game Page.

SMS is a chat conversation with the Love Interest. These will happen at certain moments in the story and also can be unlocked with Karma. Sometimes you may have an Item that belongs to a Love Interest and you can bring it up to them in chat for extra Intimacy!

You will be awarded intimacy regardless of your choices.

Moments is like a social media wall. Characters will make posts and you can comment on them.

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Wish Tree

This is Mr. Love’s version of a gacha. Here you can win Karma and Heart Petals. Heart Petals are won every time you do a Wish Tree pull and you can combine 100 of them to create a Flower that can then be exchanged for limited Karma.

The Gem Karma has a free pull every 48 hours and requires gems to pull outside of that time. You can also use coupons, Galaxy Wish and Sunrise Wish to pull from the Wish Tree.

The Gold Karma has a free pull every 24 hours and uses Gold to pull outside of that time.

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Footage is used to acquire Karma Shards. After you have enough Shards, you can combine them to create a Karma that can then be used in Shooting Mission.

Footage consumes Film to do and you get another film every hour until it maxed out at 10. Each Footage has a chance limit of 3 and it resets daily.

Some Footage may also require you to have a usable Karma (SR or higher?) in order to complete it.

Once you clear a Footage with two more more crowns, you can then use the Remake feature to pass

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When you reach a certain level of intimacy with a Love Interest and have a specific Karma, you will unlock their Date. These are stories that certain Karma have that you can read over and over.

Date has sections that require Karma Promise to read. You get Karma Promise from Daily Quests and when you Star Up Karma.

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Box Office Contest

5 Times a Day. Rank changes based on if you win. It resets at 5:00 daily.

Build a Karma group based on the Strength Requirements to win at the Box Office.

Box Office Medals can be used to redeem Karma Shards. You can purchase one of each shard once a day.

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This area holds your Gallery as well as Achievements. Achievements give you rewards for finishing specific task requirements while playing the game.

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City News

City News unlocks after 3-1. If you are looking for correct answers, please visit the City News Answers Guide.

This section requires Investigation Ability to play, which is based on Company Strength and Karma. Make sure you have your best Karma selected in order to for your Investigation Strength to be as high as possible. Also, the higher your Company Level, the more Karma you can use.

This game requires you to tap in order to increase the progress bar and answer questions. If you do not reach 100% before the timer counts down, you will fail. Also, the higher your Investigation Ability, the faster the bar will go up. So tap as fast as you can.

After you are done, tap on the Reward Icon to get your reward.

Once you are done, you will be rewarded Investigation Medals. There is a button on the top right titled “Talent Market.” Exchange your Investigation Medals to hire more Experts to pass Shooting Missions.

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After you have passed a Shooting Mission or Footage Mission with two or more crowns, you will unlock “Remake.”

With Remake, you can redo the Mission without going through the steps again. You will also be rewarded the Special Items again.

Please note that the x3 or x5 consumes three or five times the stamina to do and you may not be rewarded the Special Item each time.

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City Stroll

City Stroll unlocks after 4-9 and is a different Mission type that resets once a week. Doing CS will gain you intimacy with whichever love interest you choose. You can also earn Stamina, Gold, Wish Items, Course Cards, and more.

To do the strolls, Tap go to start. The avatar will walk to an area. Tap the name of the place. You will then be taken through a story sometimes having to make choices. As many times as I have done it, the top choice is always the best answer. Once the story part is over, continue the stroll by tapping “Go,” tapping on name places, and making choices as they come up.

You can use a VIP Card to speed through the Stroll, if you have one and want to use it. Using a VIP Card is not necessary. There is also an Auto feature on the top right corner. Pressing this will make the Stroll run without your needing to do anything.

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24 Hour Challenge

24 Hour Challenge has 24 stages where you battle other studios for views.

First, you need to pick two “guardian” Karma of a level of at least 20. There is a theme usually around these that reset each week. For the best results, you will need the specific Karma listed. You may press the Add Now button on the top right and if you have the Karma, it will be auto added to the Guardians. Otherwise, pick your best Karma available.

Next, choose the first stage. You will see the suggested attributes for the stage as well as your rival’s strength. When you tap “Prepare,” you will then pick Karma to use. Make sure that the Strength is more than your rival to ensure your win.

The Challenge will then play like the Box Office Contest. You may skip the battle by tapping the “Skip” in the bottom right. Karma will take on damage to their attributes during the challenge. 

The company with the higher views at the end will win the challenge. You will then get a reward. which you can receive by tapping the present on the completed challenge,  and the next one will unlock.

Please note that the damage that your Karma takes in every challenge will remain until the challenge is reset and upgrading your Karma will not raise its damage percentage.

At 5am, if you wish, you can manually reset the Challenge. You can do this is for whatever reason you are unable to advance. Resetting will also cause the system to find you a new match based on your current strength which has the potential to put you at a disadvantage.

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