Mr. Love: Queen’s Choice – Lucien

Lucien is a 26-year-old Genius Scientist with an unknown Evol. Use SMS, Moment, and Calls to get max intimacy up with him!

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  • When it comes to SMS, Moments, and Calls intimacy, you will always get the same amount of Intimacy regardless of how you answer.
    Due to this, I will not be listing them all on this page.
  • You get SMS, Moment, and Calls from a love interest’s Karma and certain moments in the main story.
  • Some Footage missions require you to have specific Karma matching a keyword for a Love Interest.
  • You can discover if you have a matching keyword by pressing down on the Karma, you can read the line on it.
  • You still may be able to pass the Footage without the proper Karma.
  • If you fail a footage or redo a footage to get it to at least 2 crowns, the game may present you with different Expert attributes to use than the ones listed.


Note: Experts listed are not all the possible Experts with the needed attributes.

Choose your Chapter

Chapter 1: The Clash of the Oldies

1-2: The Clash of the Oldies I

Attribute(s) Required:
Variety, Sports (Tysona)
Variety, Rational (Fanks)

1-3: The Clash of the Oldies II

Attribute(s) Required: Variety, Style (Fanks)

1-4: The Clash of the Oldies III

Attribute(s) Required: Variety, Rational (Fanks)

1-5: The Clash of the Oldies IV

Attribute(s) Required:
Variety, Careful (Sersi)
Variety, Rational (Fanks)

1-6: The Clash of the Oldies V

Attribute(s) Required: Variety, Careful (Sersi)

Chapter 2: The Mind Reader

2-2: The Mind Reader I

Attribute(s) Required:
Docu, Content (Spine)
Docu, Marketing (Reak)

2-3: The Mind Reader II

Attribute(s) Required:
Docu, Editing (Young)
Docu, Hipster

2-4: The Mind Reader III

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Logistics (Spine)
Karma Needed: Courage

2-5: The Mind Reader IV

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Security (Karyu)
Karma Needed: Courage

2-6: The Mind Reader V

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Shrewd (Dingle Daisy)
Karma Keyword: Romance

Chapter 3: Sorry, I Love You

3-2: Sorry, I Love You I

Attribute(s) Required:
Variety, Sports (Karyu)
Variety, Rock (Ken)
Karma Keyword: Courage

3-3: Sorry, I Love You II

Attribute(s) Required:
Variety, Friendly (Lens Liz)
Variety, Hipster (Hollow)
Karma Keyword: Courage

3-4: Sorry, I Love You III

Attribute(s) Required:
Variety, Humor (Ken)
Karma Keyword: Shy

3-5: Sorry, I Love You IV

Attribute(s) Required: Variety, Security (Karyu)
Karma Keyword: Affection (“Light Up”)

3-6: Sorry, I Love You V

Karma Keyword: Innocent (“Light Up”)
Attribute(s) Required: Variety, Rock (Ken)

Chapter 4: Special Needs School

Note: Unlocks after completing 6-19

4-2: Special Needs School

Attribute(s) Required:
Docu, Friendly (Horsome)
Docu, Innocent (Jobs)

4-3: Special Needs School II

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Photos (Homer)
Karma Keyword: Courage

4-4: Special Needs School III

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Rock (Jobs)
Karma Keyword: Innocent

4-5: Special Needs School IV

Attribute(s) Required: Docu, Marketing (Reak)
Karma Keyword: Romantic

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